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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 3/2009

Uitgave 3/2009

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01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Reliability, Validity and Invariance of the Narcissistic Personality Questionnaire for Children-Revised (NPQC-R)

Rebecca P. Ang, Adrian Raine

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Same-Sex and Other-Sex Peer Reports: Unique Contributors to Understanding Children’s School Adjustment

Stacy L. Frazier, Marc S. Atkins, Laura Hess Olson, Aaron R. Lyon

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Diagnostic Discrimination of Patients with Different OCD Main Symptom Domains from each Other and from Anxious and Depressive Controls

Sascha Gönner, Willi Ecker, Rainer Leonhart

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Associations Among Anxiety Disorders and Non-anxiety Disorders, Functional Impairment and Medication in Children and Adolescents

Lourdes Ezpeleta, Josep Toro

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

A Psychometric Analysis of the Child Behavior Checklist DSM-Oriented Scales

Brad J. Nakamura, Chad Ebesutani, Adam Bernstein, Bruce F. Chorpita

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

The Underlying Structure of Grief: A Taxometric Investigation of Prolonged and Normal Reactions to Loss

Jason M. Holland, Robert A. Neimeyer, Paul A. Boelen, Holly G. Prigerson

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Further Evidence of the Reliability and Validity of the Multidimensional Anxiety

Scale for Children (MASC) in Psychiatric Inpatient Samples
Augustine Osman, John E. Williams, Kelly Espenschade, Peter M. Gutierrez, Jennifer R. Bailey, Osman Chowdhry

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Assessing the Functions of Non-suicidal Self-injury: Psychometric Properties of the Inventory of Statements About Self-injury (ISAS)

E. David Klonsky, Catherine R. Glenn

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Elucidating the Relation of Hoarding to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Impulse Control Disorders

Laura C. Hayward, Meredith E. Coles

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Health-Related Quality of Life in College Undergraduates with Learning Disabilities: The Mediational Roles of Anxiety and Sadness

Thompson E. Davis III, Robert E. Nida, Kimberly R. Zlomke, Marie S. Nebel-Schwalm

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Worry in Adults and Children: Developmental Differences in the Importance of Probability and Cost Judgments

Marianna Szabó

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Anxiety Sensitivity Factor Structure Among Brazilian Patients with Anxiety Disorders

Maria Rachel Pessanha Gimenes Escocard, Ana Carolina Monnerat Fioravanti-Bastos, J. Landeira-Fernandez

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

An Examination of the Glover Numbing Scale: Expanding the Content Validity of Posttraumatic Numbing

Joshua D. Clapp, J. Gayle Beck

01-09-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Cognitive Error Questionnaire (CEQ): Psychometric Properties and Factor Structure of the German Translation

Patrick Pössel

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