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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Uitgave 3/2007

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Original Paper

Presentation of Mexican Americans to a Memory Disorder Clinic

Sid E. O’Bryant, Joy D. Humphreys, Randolph B. Schiffer, Patricia B. Sutker

Original Paper

Combining Data from Parent Ratings and Parent Interview When Assessing ADHD

Kristi D. Wright, Daniel A. Waschbusch, Bradley W. Frankland

Original Paper

Further Analysis of the Discriminate Validity of the Parenting Scale

Kurt A. Freeman, Wendy DeCourcey

Original Paper

Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation: The Development and Initial Validation of the Cognitive and Affective Mindfulness Scale-Revised (CAMS-R)

Greg Feldman, Adele Hayes, Sameet Kumar, Jeff Greeson, Jean-Philippe Laurenceau

Original Paper

The Behavioral Activation for Depression Scale (BADS): Psychometric Properties and Factor Structure

Jonathan W. Kanter, Patrick S. Mulick, Andrew M. Busch, Kristoffer S. Berlin, Christopher R. Martell

Original Paper

Self-Reported Depression in Mothers of Children Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse

Anthony P. Mannarino, Judith A. Cohen, Esther Deblinger, Robert Steer

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