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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 3/2004

Uitgave 3/2004

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01-09-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Behavior Ratings and Observations of Externalizing Symptoms in Girls: The Role of Child Popularity with Adults

Amori Yee Mikami, Terry C. Chi, Stephen P. Hinshaw

01-09-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

The Differential Assessment of State–Trait Anxiety and Depression in a Clinically Anxious Sample

Nancy L. Kocovski, Norman S. Endler, Brian J. Cox, Richard P. Swinson

01-09-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Debiasing of Pessimistic Judgments Associated with Anxiety

Bret G. Bentz, Donald A. Williamson, Susan F. Franks

01-09-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Pretrauma Neuroticism, Negative Appraisals of Intrusions, and Severity of PTSD Symptoms

Marcel A. van den Hout, Iris M. Engelhard

01-09-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Investigating the Big Five Personality Factors and Smoking: Implications for Assessment

William G. Shadel, Daniel Cervone, Raymond Niaura, David B. Abrams

01-09-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Perfectionism as an Explanatory Construct in Comorbidity of Axis I Disorders

Peter J. Bieling, Laura J. Summerfeldt, Anne L. Israeli, Martin M. Antony

01-09-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Neurobehavioral Correlates of Chronic Hepatitis C

Robin C. Hilsabeck, Parviz Malek-Ahmadi

01-09-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Book Review: Contemporary Perspectives on Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders

Patricia B. Sutker

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