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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 3/2001

Uitgave 3/2001

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01-09-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Responsiveness to Threat and Incentive in Bipolar Disorder: Relations of the BIS/BAS Scales with Symptoms

Björn Meyer, Sheri L. Johnson, Ray Winters

01-09-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

A Brief Questionnaire for Measuring Self-Efficacy in Youths

Peter Muris

01-09-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

A Meta-Analysis of the Dependency–Eating-Disorders Relationship: Strength, Specificity, and Temporal Stability

Robert F. Bornstein

01-09-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Assessment of Discipline Styles Among Parents of Preschool Through School-Age Children

Brent R. Collett, Gretchen A. Gimpel, Jessica N. Greenson, Theresa L. Gunderson

01-09-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Timing of Onset and Correlates of Severe Conduct Problems in Adjudicated Girls and Boys

Persephanie Silverthorn, Paul J. Frick, Richard Reynolds

01-09-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Cognitive Schemas as Mediating Variables of the Relationship Between the Self-Defeating Personality and Depression

John V. Petrocelli, Brian A. Glaser, Georgia B. Calhoun, Linda F. Campbell

01-09-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Selective Attention and Anxiety: A Perspective on Developmental Issues and the Causal Status

Merel Kindt, Marcel Van Den Hout

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