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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 2/2017

Uitgave 2/2017

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01-08-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Negative Halo Effects in Parent Ratings of ADHD and ODD

Lindsey N. DeVries, Cynthia M. Hartung, Tara L. Golden

08-10-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Reversal Learning Deficits in Criminal Offenders: Effects of Psychopathy, Substance use, and Childhood Maltreatment History

Monika Dargis, Richard C. Wolf, Michael Koenigs

15-10-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Assessment of Psychopathic Traits in Singaporean Adolescents: Validation of the Antisocial Process Screening Device (APSD)

Xiang Li, Wei Teng Chan, Rebecca P. Ang, Vivien S. Huan

27-01-2017 | Uitgave 2/2017

Set-Congruent Priming Stimuli Normalize the Information Processing of Psychopathic Offenders

Monika A. Dargis, Alexandra C. Mattern, Joseph P. Newman

03-03-2017 | Uitgave 2/2017

Psychopathic Personality Traits as Protective Factors against the Development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in a Sample of National Guard Combat Veterans

Joye C. Anestis, Tiffany M. Harrop, Bradley A. Green, Michael D. Anestis

21-02-2017 | Uitgave 2/2017

Psychometric Properties of a Social Skills Assessment using a Virtual Environment

Thien-An P. Le, Deborah C. Beidel

29-09-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Frontal Theta Activity as an EEG Correlate of Mood-Related Emotional Processing in Dysphoria

Simone Messerotti Benvenuti, Rocco Mennella, Giulia Buodo, Daniela Palomba

14-11-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Processing of Ambiguous Facial Affect in Adolescents with Depressive Symptoms Prior to and Following Social Exclusion: The Role of Perceptual Sensitivity and Response Bias

Sina Müller, Aiste Jusyte, Sarah Trzebiatowski, Martin Hautzinger, Michael Schönenberg

10-11-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Examining the Role of Implicit Emotional Judgments in Social Anxiety and Experiential Avoidance

Michael E. Levin, Jack Haeger, Gregory S. Smith

07-11-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Assessment of Emotional Avoidance in Adolescents: Psychometric Properties of a New Multidimensional Measure

Sarah M. Kennedy, Jill Ehrenreich-May

14-10-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Construct Validity of the Acquired Capability for Suicide Scale: Factor Structure, Convergent and Discriminant Validity

Jurgita Rimkeviciene, Jacinta Hawgood, John O’Gorman, Diego De Leo

13-10-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Latent Classes of Dysregulated Behaviors Relate to Negative Mental Images

Marie Cloos, Charlotte Weßlau, Regina Steil, Volkmar Höfling

15-10-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

The Relationship between Hoarding Symptoms, Intolerance of Uncertainty, and Error-Related Negativity

Peter A. Baldwin, Thomas J. Whitford, Jessica R. Grisham

12-12-2016 | Uitgave 2/2017

Development and Preliminary Validation of the Threat Appraisal Questionnaire for Children (TAQ-C)

Rosanna Francis, David J. Hawes, Maree Abbott, Daniel S. J. Costa

03-01-2017 | Uitgave 2/2017

Development of a Brief Version of the Social Anxiety – Acceptance and Action Questionnaire

Meagan B. MacKenzie, Nancy L. Kocovski, Rebecca A. Blackie, Lauren C. Carrique, Jan E. Fleming, Martin M. Antony

27-01-2017 | Uitgave 2/2017

Factor Structure of the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) in Adult Outpatients Receiving Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Travis L. Osborne, Jared Michonski, Jennifer Sayrs, Stacy Shaw Welch, Leslie Karwoski Anderson

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