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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 2/2004

Uitgave 2/2004

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01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Differences in Individual and Dyadic Coping Among Low and High Depressed, Partially Remitted, and Nondepressed Persons

Guy Bodenmann, Linda Charvoz, Kathrin Widmer, Thomas N. Bradbury

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Evaluation of Two New Scales Assessing Driving Anger: The Driving Anger Expression Inventory and the Driver's Angry Thoughts Questionnaire

Jerry L. Deffenbacher, Gail S. White, Rebekah S. Lynch

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Trends in Anxiety Assessment

Steven R. Lawyer, Todd A. Smitherman

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Prevalence of Smoking in Anxiety Disorders Uncomplicated by Comorbid Alcohol or Substance Abuse

Sandra L. Baker-Morissette, Suzy Bird Gulliver, Markus Wiegel, David H. Barlow

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Dimensionality of the Obsessive Beliefs Questionnaire (OBQ)

Carol M. Woods, David F. Tolin, Jonathan S. Abramowitz

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Purpose in Life, Satisfaction with Life, and Suicide Ideation in a Clinical Sample

Marnin J. Heisel, Gordon L. Flett

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Comparison of Mothers', Fathers', and Teachers' Reports on Problem Behavior in 5- to 6-Year-Old Children

Hans Grietens, Patrick Onghena, Peter Prinzie, Els Gadeyne, Veerle Van Assche, Pol Ghesquière, Walter Hellinckx

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Book Review: The Rorschach Test Challenges Science with the Complexity of Imagination

Jorge H. Daruna

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