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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 2/2001

Uitgave 2/2001

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01-06-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Incremental Validity of Perceived Control Dimensions in the Differential Prediction of Interpretive Biases for Threat

Michael J. Zvolensky, Michelle Heffner, Georg H. Eifert, Adam P. Spira, Matthew T. Feldner, Richard A. Brown

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Evaluating the Etiology of Anxiety Sensitivity: Relation to Cardiovascular Perception and Reactivity

Norman B. Schmidt, Helen T. Santiago, Rachel Wernicke

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Cultural Mistrust and the Clinical Diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia in African American Patients

Arthur L. Whaley

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

An Examination of Sociotropy and Excessive Reassurance Seeking in the Prediction of Depression

Richard Beck, Marla Robbins, Cathy Taylor, Lynley Baker

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

The Relation of Self-Hatred and Suicidality in People With Schizophrenia-Spectrum Symptoms

Thomas E. Joiner Jr., Faruk Gencoz, Tulin Gencoz, Gerald I. Metalsky, M. David Rudd

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Examination of the Hamilton Scales in Assessment of Anxious Older Adults: A Replication and Extension

Gretchen J. Diefenbach, Melinda A. Stanley, J. Gayle Beck, Diane M. Novy, Patricia M. Averill, Alan C. Swann

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 2/2001

Self-Report Differentiation of Anxiety and Depression in a Mood Disorders Sample

Lachlan A. McWilliams, Brian J. Cox, Murray W. Enns

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