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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 1/2012

Uitgave 1/2012

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01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

Comparing Four Methods of Integrating Parent and Teacher Symptom Ratings of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Shirag K. Shemmassian, Steve S. Lee

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

Modeling the Interrelationship of Learned Resourcefulness, Self-Management, and Affective Symptomatology

Peter G. Mezo, Sarah E. Francis

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

The Structure of Internalizing Disorders in Middle Childhood and Evidence for Personality Correlates

Shauna C. Kushner, Jennifer L. Tackett, R. Michael Bagby

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

The Penn State Worry Questionnaire—Past Day: Development and Validation of a Measure Assessing Daily Levels of Worry

Els Joos, Debora Vansteenwegen, Els Brunfaut, Tim Bastiaens, Koen Demyttenaere, Guido Pieters, Dirk Hermans

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

The Perceived Stress Scale: Evaluating Configural, Metric and Scalar Invariance across Mental Health Status and Gender

Jennifer A. A. Lavoie, Kevin S. Douglas

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

Early Maladaptive Schemas as Moderators of the Impact of Stressful Events on Anxiety and Depression in University Students

María Cámara, Esther Calvete

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

The Physical Appearance Perfectionism Scale: Development and Preliminary Validation

Hongfei Yang, Joachim Stoeber

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

Psychopathic Traits in Adolescence and the Five Factor Model of Personality

Annelore Roose, Patricia Bijttebier, Laurence Claes, Scott O. Lilienfeld, Filip De Fruyt, Mieke Decuyper

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

Ego-Syntonicity and Ego-Dystonicity Associated with Upsetting Intrusive Cognitions

Amparo Belloch, María Roncero, Conxa Perpiñá

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

Mindfulness Moderates the Relationship Between Disordered Eating Cognitions and Disordered Eating Behaviors in a Non-Clinical College Sample

Akihiko Masuda, Matthew Price, Robert D. Latzman

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012 Open Access

Dimensionality Analysis of the Thought Suppression Inventory: Combining EFA, MSA, and CFA

Andreas A. J. Wismeijer

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

Factor Structure and Psychometric Properties of the Modified Childhood Anxiety Sensitivity Index in a Sample of Croatian Children and Adolescents

Natasa Jokić-Begić, Tanja Jurin, Anita Lauri Korajlija

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

A Chinese Adaptation of the Distress Tolerance Scale among Adolescents: Factor Structure and Psychometric Properties

Jianing You, Freedom Leung

01-03-2012 | Uitgave 1/2012

Factor Invariance of Psychometric Schizotypy in Spanish and American Samples

Thomas R. Kwapil, Agnès Ros-Morente, Paul J. Silvia, Neus Barrantes-Vidal

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