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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 1/2011

Uitgave 1/2011

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01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

Publication Opportunity in the Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Randall T. Salekin

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

Measuring Context-Specific and Cross-Contextual Components of Hierarchical Constructs

Levent Dumenci, Thomas M. Achenbach, Michael Windle

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

Proactive and Reactive Aggression and Physical Activity

Paula J. Fite, Michael Vitulano

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

Using the ASEBA to Screen for Callous Unemotional Traits in Early Childhood: Factor Structure, Temporal Stability, and Utility

Michael T. Willoughby, Daniel A. Waschbusch, Ginger A. Moore, Cathi B. Propper

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

Child Behavior Checklist Scores for School-Aged Children with Autism: Preliminary Evidence of Patterns Suggesting the Need for Referral

Carla A. Mazefsky, Ranita Anderson, Caitlin M. Conner, Nancy Minshew

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

Examining the Psychometric Properties of the Family Accommodation Scale-Parent-Report (FAS-PR)

Christopher A. Flessner, Jeffrey Sapyta, Abbe Garcia, Jennifer B. Freeman, Martin E. Franklin, Edna Foa, John March

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

Distress Tolerance Scale: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Among Daily Cigarette Smokers

Teresa M. Leyro, Amit Bernstein, Anka A. Vujanovic, Alison C. McLeish, Michael J. Zvolensky

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011 Open Access

The Latent Structure of Youth Responses to Peer Provocation

Melanie A. Dirks, Teresa A. Treat, V. Robin Weersing

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

Emotional Intelligence in Social Phobia and Other Anxiety Disorders

Laura J. Summerfeldt, Patricia H. Kloosterman, Martin M. Antony, Randi E. McCabe, James D. A. Parker

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

The Roles of Cognitive Flexibility and Experiential Avoidance in Explaining Psychological Distress in Survivors of Interpersonal Victimization

Kathleen M. Palm, Victoria M. Follette

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

An Examination of the Factor, Convergent, and Discriminant Validity of the Behavioral Inhibition System and Behavioral Activation System Scales

Cheri A. Levinson, Thomas L. Rodebaugh, Tiffany Frye

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011 Open Access

Validating the Eating Disorder Inventory-3 (EDI-3): A Comparison Between 561 Female Eating Disorders Patients and 878 Females from the General Population

Loa Clausen, Jan H. Rosenvinge, Oddgeir Friborg, Kristian Rokkedal

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

Observed Ward Behavior Strongly Associated with Independent Living Skills: An Analysis of Convergent and Criterion-Related Validity of the NOSIE and the ILSI

Elizabeth A. Cook, Charlie A. Davidson, Jeffrey R. Nolting, William D. Spaulding

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

Screening for Eating Disorders in Undergraduate Women: Norms and Validity of the Spanish Version of the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q)

Ana M. Villarroel, Eva Penelo, Mariona Portell, Rosa M. Raich

01-03-2011 | Uitgave 1/2011

An Evaluation of the Relation Between Distress Tolerance and Posttraumatic Stress within a Trauma-Exposed Sample

Anka A. Vujanovic, Marcel O. Bonn-Miller, Carrie M. Potter, Erin C. Marshall, Michael J. Zvolensky

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