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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 8/2021

Uitgave 8/2021

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07-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Common Negative Thoughts in Early Motherhood and Their Relationship to Guilt, Shame and Depression

Naomi K. Law, Pauline L. Hall, Anna Cheshire

03-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Parent Sensitive Topic Understanding, Communication Comfort, and Parent-Adolescent Conversation Following Exposure to 13 Reasons Why: A Comparison of Parents from Four Countries

Drew P. Cingel, Alexis R. Lauricella, Supreet Mann, Michael C. Carter, Ellen Wartella

04-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Influence of Father Involvement, Fathering Practices and Father-Child Relationships on Children in Mainland China

Yang Liu, Cassandra K. Dittman, Mingchun Guo, Alina Morawska, Divna Haslam

08-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021 Open Access

A Multilevel Approach to Understanding the Determinants of Maternal Harsh Parenting: the Importance of Maternal Age and Perceived Partner Support

Laura Farley, Bonamy R. Oliver, Alison Pike

26-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021 Open Access

A Balancing Act: Working and Caring for a Child with Cancer

Sofia K. Hjelmstedt, Ulla M. Forinder, Annika M. Lindahl Norberg, Emma I. M. Hovén

28-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Mass Media and Intensive Mothering Predict Motivators of Mother Engagement in Children’s Education

Rabia Filik-Uyanık, Hasibe Ö. Demircan

26-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

The Relationship Between Helicopter Parenting and Fear of Negative Evaluation in College Students

Viktoria M. Carr, Andrea P. Francis, Mareike B. Wieth

04-06-2021 | Uitgave 8/2021

Effortful Control Mediates the Effect of Parenting Intervention on Preschool Callous-Unemotional Traits

Lior Y. Somech

12-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021 Open Access

Enhancing Social-Emotional Outcomes in Early Years (E-SEE): Randomized Pilot Study of Incredible Years Infant and Toddler Programs

Sarah L. Blower, Vashti L. Berry, Matthew C. Bursnall, Judith Cohen, Nicole Gridley, Amanda Loban, Laura Mandefield, Amanda J. Mason-Jones, Sinéad McGilloway, Kirsty L. McKendrick, Siobhan B. Mitchell, Kate E. Pickett, Gerry A. Richardson, M. Dawn Teare, Louise C. Tracey, Simon M. Walker, Karen A. Whittaker, Jessica Wright, Tracey J. Bywater

26-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

The acceptability of Group Triple P with Brazilian parents

Mariajose L. C. Schulz, Divna M. Haslam, Alina Morawska, Antonia Kish

26-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Parent Perspectives on Co-located Parent Coaching Services within Pediatric Primary Care

Emily A. Eismann, Lisa M. Vaughn, Heather L. Vilvens, Erica Page, Alonzo T. Folger, Jill Huynh, Robert A. Shapiro

18-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Associations between Emotion Regulation and Adolescent Adjustment Difficulties: Moderating Effects of Parents and Peers

Michael M. Criss, Lixian Cui, Erin E. Wood, Amanda Sheffield Morris

04-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Association between Mother–Adolescent Relationship Quality and Subjective well-being: Resilience Resources as a Mediating factor among Hong Kong Chinese Adolescents

Diyang Qu, Jiasheng Huang, Nancy Xiaonan Yu, Lai Ling Hui, Chrystyna D. Kouros

18-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

The Relationship between Caregiver Prompting Behaviors, Parenting Practices, and Adolescent Tobacco Use Outcomes in Black Families

Efren Velazquez, Rachel C. Garthe, Michell Pope, Melissa Avila, Stephanie Romo, Robin S. Everhart, Heather A. Jones, Rosalie Corona

25-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Cumulative Risk and Hopelessness among Chinese Rural-to-Urban Migrant Adolescents

Hua Ming, Ying Jiang, Yuan Tian, Silin Huang

09-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

A Yoga Intervention for Young Children: Self-Regulation and Emotion Regulation

Roxanne N. Rashedi, Susan E. Rowe, Ross A. Thompson, Emily J. Solari, Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl

30-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Naturalistic Observations of Caregiver – Child Dyad Mobile Device Use

Carrie A. Ewin, Andrea Reupert, Louise A. McLean

16-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Child Welfare Services Response to COVID-19: Addressing Face-to-Face Contacts

Kristen D. Seay, Amanda Stafford McRell

28-06-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

Intergenerational Transmission of Childhood Maltreatment Mediated by Maternal Emotion Dysregulation

Violeta J. Rodriguez, Funlola Are, Amber Madden, Anne Shaffer, Cynthia Suveg

29-05-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 8/2021

The Predictors of Screen Time at Two Years in a Large Nationally Diverse Cohort

Maria T. Corkin, Elizabeth R. Peterson, Annette M. E. Henderson, Amy L. Bird, Karen E. Waldie, Elaine Reese, Susan M. B. Morton

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