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Journal of Child and Family Studies 8/2019
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 8/2019


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20-04-2019 | Review Paper

Associations of Parenting Styles with Self-Esteem in Children and Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis
Martin Pinquart, Dana-Christina Gerke

Open Access 29-04-2019 | Review Paper

A Systematic Review of the Evidence for Family and Parenting Interventions in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Child and Youth Mental Health Outcomes
Gloria A. Pedersen, Eva Smallegange, April Coetzee, Kim Hartog, Jasmine Turner, Mark J. D. Jordans, Felicity L. Brown

Open Access 13-05-2019 | Review Paper

Experiences of Having a Parent with Serious Mental Illness: An Interpretive Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Literature
Anna Källquist, Martin Salzmann-Erikson

20-06-2019 | Original Paper

Clinical Correlates of Parenting Stress in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Serious Behavioral Problems
Valentina Postorino, Scott Gillespie, Luc Lecavalier, Tristram Smith, Cynthia Johnson, Naomi Swiezy, Michael G. Aman, Christopher J. McDougle, Karen Bearss, Rebecca R. Andridge, Benedetto Vitiello, Lawrence Scahill

31-12-2018 | Original Paper

Poly-victimization among Secondary High School Students in Saudi Arabia
Majid A. Al-Eissa, Hassan N. Saleheen, Maha Almuneef, Saja Al-Sulaiman, Fadia S. AlBuhairan

30-05-2019 | Original Paper

The Mutual Influence Between Marital Quality and Child Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptoms in Chinese Families: Do Child and Parent’s Gender Matter?
Wan Ding, Xiuyun Lin, Jinni Su, Yongqiang Jiang, Qinglu Wu, Ting He

03-05-2019 | Original Paper

Young Children’s Sleep Problems: The Impact of Parental Distress and Parenting Style
Dione Tyler, Caroline L. Donovan, Sarah Scupham, Amy L. Shiels, Shelly A. Weaver

28-05-2019 | Original Paper

Parental Psychopathology and Parenting Stress in Parents of Adolescents with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Daniella Biondic, Judith Wiener, Rhonda Martinussen

22-05-2019 | Original Paper

Bullying and Moral Disengagement in Early Adolescence: Do Personality and Family Functioning Matter?
Angela Mazzone, Marina Camodeca

10-05-2019 | Original Paper

Self-control, Risky Lifestyles, and Bullying Victimization Among Korean Youth: Estimating a Second-order Latent Growth Model
Sujung Cho

23-05-2019 | Original Paper

Helicopter Parenting and Adjustment Outcomes in Young Adulthood: A Consideration of the Mediating Roles of Mastery and Self-Regulation
Kristin L. Moilanen, Mary Lynn Manuel

14-05-2019 | Original Paper

Parental Psychological Control, Maladaptive Schemas, and Childhood Anxiety: Test of a Developmental Model
C. Christiane Creveling-Benefield, R. Enrique Varela

23-05-2019 | Original Paper

Trauma-Informed Behavioral Parenting for Early Intervention
Heather Agazzi, Carrie Adams, Emily Ferron, John Ferron, Emily Shaffer-Hudkins, Alison Salloum

Open Access 01-06-2019 | Original Paper

Feasibility and Acceptability of the Mindfulness-Based OpenMind-Korea (OM-K) Preschool Program
Eunjin Kim, Monica M. Jackman, Seong-Hun Jo, Jisun Oh, Shi-Yong Ko, Carrie L. McPherson, Nirbhay N. Singh

14-05-2019 | Original Paper

The Role of Parents’ Relationship Quality in Children’s Behavior Problems
Jennifer F. Marchand-Reilly, Robin G. Yaure

14-05-2019 | Original Paper

Stress-Buffering Effects of Social Support on Depressive Problems: Perceived vs. Received Support and Moderation by Parental Depression
Erica Szkody, Cliff McKinney

14-05-2019 | Original Paper

The Association Between Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence and Child Bullying Behaviors
Brittney Chesworth, Paul Lanier, Cynthia Fraga Rizo

10-05-2019 | Original Paper

Special Education Teachers’ Narratives and Attachment Style: Associations with Classroom Emotional Support
Efrat Sher-Censor, Ayelet Nahamias-Zlotolov, Smadar Dolev

22-05-2019 | Original Paper

Parenting Influences on Perceived Adolescent Health Risks: A Mixed Methods Approach
Tsui-Sui A. Kao, Kristina M. Reuille, Colleen Y. Taylor, Cleopatra Howard Caldwell

21-05-2019 | Original Paper

Interparental Relationships among Low Income, Ethnically Diverse, Two-Parent Cohabiting Families
Amanda V. Broderick, Gina M. Brelsford, Martha E. Wadsworth

22-05-2019 | Original Paper

Childhood Obesity: The Relationship Between Negative Emotionality, Emotion Regulation, and Parenting Styles
Ugo Pace, Fabio Aiello, Carla Zappulla

13-05-2019 | Original Paper

Indirect Effects of Family Cohesion on Emerging Adult Perfectionism Through Anxious Rearing and Social Expectations
Chris Segrin, Trevor B. Kauer, Tricia J. Burke

10-05-2019 | Original Paper

Adolescent and Parent Reports of Aggression and Victimization on Social Media: Associations With Psychosocial Adjustment
Christopher T. Barry, Shanelle M. Briggs, Chloe L. Sidoti

13-05-2019 | Original Paper

Latino Families Engage in Elaborative Conversations: Effects on Children’s Recall and Vocabulary
Karen L. Thierry, Alison Sparks

10-05-2019 | Original Paper

Comparing Early-Childhood and School-Aged Systems of Care for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties: Risk, Symptom Presentation, and Outcomes
Alayna Schreier, Joy S. Kaufman, Cindy A. Crusto

08-07-2019 | Author Correction

Correction to: A Systematic Review of the Evidence for Family and Parenting Interventions in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Child and Youth Mental Health Outcomes
Gloria A. Pedersen, Eva Smallegange, April Coetzee, Kim Hartog, Jasmine Turner, Mark J. D. Jordans, Felicity L. Brown

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