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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 7/2021

Inhoudsopgave (15 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Caregiver Strain, Social Support, and Mental Health Service Use Among Urban African American Mothers

Ané M. Maríñez-Lora, Grace Cua, Stacy L. Frazier, Elisa S. Shernoff, Marc S. Atkins

Original Paper

Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scale – Version IV (FACES IV): Validation Study in the Portuguese Population

Joana Sequeira, Henrique Testa Vicente, Fernanda Daniel, Cátia Cerveira, Maria Inês Silva, Sónia Neves, Helena Espírito Santo, Sónia Guadalupe

Original Paper

Effects of COVID-19 Confinement on the Household Routines Of Children in Portugal

André Pombo, Carlos Luz, Luis Paulo Rodrigues, Rita Cordovil

Original Paper

Intimate Partner Violence, Parenting, and Toddler Behavior among Low-Income Latinx Families

Brenda Jones Harden, Tiffany L. Martoccio, Lisa J. Berlin, Laura Jimenez Parra

Original Paper

Correlates of Relational and Physical Aggression among Peers and Dating Partners in a College Sample

Nicole L. Hayes, Elizabeth E. Lloyd-Richardson, Monica A. Marsee

Original Paper

Evaluating the Role of a Socially Assistive Robot in Children’s Mental Health Care

Elizabeth R. Kitt, Molly K. Crossman, Angela Matijczak, Gillian B. Burns, Alan E. Kazdin

Original Paper

Empirically Derived Subtypes of Youth Withdrawn Behavior Across Eight Years: A Latent Class and Latent Transition Analysis

Meghan C. Schreck, Jan Van der Ende, James J. Hudziak, Frank C. Verhulst, David H. Rubin, Robert R. Althoff

Open Access Original Paper

Dialectical Processes in Parent-child Relationships among Somali Families in Sweden

Fatumo Osman, Eva Randell, Abdikerim Mohamed, Emma Sorbring

Original Paper

How Active Duty U.S. Army Fathers’ Knowledge and Attitudes About Child Development Influence Parenting Practices

Alison L. Drew, Abby E. Blankenship, Tessa K. Kritikos, Vanessa M. Jacoby, Katherine A. Dondanville, Juliann H. Nicholson, Allah-Fard Sharrieff, Tabatha H. Blount, Cindy A. McGeary, Stacey Young-McCaughan, Alan L. Peterson, Ellen R. DeVoe

Original Paper

Adoption Status and Parental Investments: A Within-sibling Approach

Ashley Larsen Gibby, Jocelyn S. Wikle, Kevin J. A. Thomas

Original Paper

Parental Self-regulation and the Promotion of Healthy Routines in Early Childhood

Enrique Callejas, Sonia Byrne, María J. Rodrigo

Original Paper

Increases in Maternal Education and Child Behavioral and Academic Outcomes

Samantha R. Awada, Elizabeth C. Shelleby