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Journal of Child and Family Studies 6/2022
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 6/2022


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Open Access 07-04-2022 | Original Article

Youth Sensitivity in a Pandemic: The Relationship Between Sensory Processing Sensitivity, Internalizing Problems, COVID-19 and Parenting
Selina S. C. Burgard, Juliëtte M. Liber, Suzanne M. Geurts, Ina M. Koning

09-02-2022 | Original Paper

Media use and Coping in Tweens during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Nancy A. Jennings, Allison G. Caplovitz

16-02-2022 | Original Paper

Parental Mediation of COVID-19 News and Children’s Emotion Regulation during Lockdown
Mara Morelli, Federica Graziano, Antonio Chirumbolo, Roberto Baiocco, Emiddia Longobardi, Carmen Trumello, Alessandra Babore, Elena Cattelino

10-03-2022 | Original Paper

Burden and Growth during COVID-19: Comparing Parents of Children with and without Disabilities
Shirli Werner, Yael Hochman, Roni Holler, Carmit-Noa Shpigelman

10-03-2022 | Original Paper

Household Chaos and Caregivers’ and Young Children’s Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mediation Model
Xiao Zhang

27-04-2022 | Original Paper

A Preliminary Study of COVID-19-related Stressors, Parenting Stress, and Parental Psychological Well-being Among Parents of School-age Children
Cliff Yung-Chi Chen, Elena Byrne, Tanya Vélez

12-08-2021 | Original Paper

Love for a Marriage Story: The Association Between Love and Marital Satisfaction in Middle Adulthood
Gyesook Yoo, Susanna Joo

08-10-2021 | Original Paper

Is It OK If Mommy Dates? The Influence of Mother’s Post-Divorce Dating Transitions for Children’s Behaviors
He Xiao, Michael R. Langlais, Edward Anderson, Shannon Greene

12-11-2021 | Original Paper

Exploring the Link between Interparental Conflict and Adolescents’ Adjustment in Divorced and Intact Iranian Families
Faramarz Asanjarani, Mengyu M. Gao, Aryanne de Silva, E. Mark Cummings

01-04-2022 | Original Paper

A Mile in my Shoes: An Exploration of Custodial Mothers’ Perspectives on Empathy and its Role in Co-parenting and Paternal Involvement
Armon R. Perry, Aaron C. Rollins Jr., Abby Perez

16-04-2022 | Original Paper

African American Children’s Racial Discrimination Experiences and Mental Health
Chloe J. Walker, Chelsea Derlan Williams, Marcia A. Winter, Robin S. Everhart

23-04-2022 | Original Paper

The Associations Between Everyday Discrimination, Brooding, Reflection, and Symptoms of Depression in Adolescents
Eric Smith, Patrick Pössel

23-04-2022 | Original Paper

Latinx Parents’ Perception of Discrimination and Ethnic/Racial Socialization Predict Their Elementary School Children’s Perceptions of Discrimination
Christia Spears Brown, Sungmin Kahng, Michelle J. Tam, Jason T. Midkiff

06-01-2022 | Original Paper

Assessment of Basic Family Relationships: Portuguese Validation of the “Cuestionario de Evaluación de las Relaciones Familiares Básicas” (CERFB)
V. S. Lima, P. Dias, A. Vilaregut, A. Callea

10-05-2022 | Original Paper

Developing a Valid and Reliable Cross-cultural Measure of Coparenting Conflict between Divorced Parents: The Portuguese Version of the Acrimony Scale
Judite M. A. Peixoto, Mariana A. V. Gonçalves, Maria Filomena Gaspar, Marlene A. V. Matos

24-03-2022 | Original Paper

The Development and Validation of a Family Wellbeing Index for Hong Kong Chinese Families
Mooly M. C. Wong, Joyce L. C. Ma, P. S. Wan, Lily L. Xia, Michael H. T. Fok

31-03-2022 | Original Paper

Validation of the Karitane Parenting Confidence Scale in Measuring Parental Self-Efficacy of Australian Fathers
Daniel Wright, Karli Treyvaud, Le Ann Williams, Rebecca Giallo

Open Access 01-04-2022 | Original Paper

Risk and Protective Factors in Child-to-Parent Violence: A Study of the YLS/CMI in a Spanish Juvenile Court
Keren Cuervo, Natalia Palanques

Open Access 06-04-2022 | Original Paper

Spanish Adaptation of the Parenting Practices Interview (PPI-25) for Families with Substantiated Reports or at Risk for Child Maltreatment
Gabriela R. Rivas, Ignacia Arruabarrena, Joaquín De Paúl

Open Access 18-04-2022 | Original Paper

Measurement Properties for a Scale Assessing Self-Regulation in Parents and Parenting Practitioners
Cassandra L. Tellegen, Tianyi Ma, Jamin J. Day, Julie Hodges, Babak Panahi, Trevor G. Mazzucchelli, Matthew R. Sanders

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