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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 6/2012

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Original Paper

The Effect of Behavioral Family Intervention on Knowledge of Effective Parenting Strategies

Leanne Winter, Alina Morawska, Matthew R. Sanders

Original Paper

Family Intervention to Prevent Depression and Substance Use Among Adolescents of Depressed Parents

W. Alex Mason, Kevin P. Haggerty, Andrew P. Fleming, Mary Casey-Goldstein

Original Paper

Validating Regulatory Sensory Processing Disorders Using the Sensory Profile and Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL 1½–5)

Ruth Pérez Robles, Ma. Claustre Jané Ballabriga, Eduardo Doval Diéguez, Pedro Caldeira da Silva

Original Paper

Emotion Socialization in the Context of Family Risks: Links to Child Emotion Regulation

Anne Shaffer, Cynthia Suveg, Kristel Thomassin, Laura L. Bradbury

Original Paper

Spirituality Development for Homeless Youth: A Mindfulness Meditation Feasibility Pilot

Linda Grabbe, Scott T. Nguy, Melinda K. Higgins

Original Paper

Treating Childhood Anxiety in Schools: Service Delivery in a Response to Intervention Paradigm

Michael L. Sulkowski, Diana K. Joyce, Eric A. Storch

Original Paper

Service Coordination and Children’s Functioning in a School-Based Intensive Mental Health Program

Richard W. Puddy, Michael C. Roberts, Eric M. Vernberg, Erin P. Hambrick

Original Paper

Predicting Treatment Response for Oppositional Defiant and Conduct Disorder Using Pre-Treatment Adrenal and Gonadal Hormones

Chad E. Shenk, Lorah D. Dorn, David J. Kolko, Elizabeth J. Susman, Jennie G. Noll, Oscar G. Bukstein

Original Paper

Child Sleep Problems and Parental Depression: Testing a Risk and Resistance Model

Kirsty M. Moore, Jocelynne E. Gordon, Louise A. McLean

Original Paper

An Approach to Examining the Proximal and Intermediate Outcomes of an Intensive Family Preservation Program

Kristin Duppong Hurley, Annette Griffith, Stephanie Ingram, Claudine Bolivar, W. Alex Mason, Alexandra Trout

Original Paper

Description of a Fidelity Implementation System: An Example from a Community-Based Children’s Mental Health Program

Krista Kutash, Brittany Cross, Anthony Madias, Albert J. Duchnowski, Amy L. Green

Original Paper

Utilizing Benchmarking to Study the Effectiveness of Parent–Child Interaction Therapy Implemented in a Community Setting

Shannon Self-Brown, Jessica R. Valente, Robert C. Wild, Daniel J. Whitaker, Rachel Galanter, Shannon Dorsey, Jenelle Stanley