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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 5/2022

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Open Access Original Paper

Social Participation of German Students with and without a Migration Background

Niklas Hamel, Susanne Schwab, Sebastian Wahl

Open Access Original Paper

A Comparison of MMPI-2 Profiles Between Parental Alienation Cases and Custody Cases

Paolo Roma, Daniela Marchetti, Cristina Mazza, Eleonora Ricci, Lilybeth Fontanesi, Maria Cristina Verrocchio

Original Paper

Maternal Perceptions of Safeguards for Research Involving Children

Maryam Rostami, Jane Paik Kim, Laura Turner-Essel, Laura Weiss Roberts

Original Paper

Examining the Relationship between Social Support, Parenting Stress, and Depression in South Korean Single Mothers

Seung-Min Song, Bokyung Park, Woon Kyung Lee, Nam-Shim Park, Mi Na Kim

Original Paper

Associations among African American Parents’ Beliefs, Involvement, and Measures of School Readiness

Jaime Puccioni, John Mark Froiland, Mariola Moeyaert, Sarahlee Desir, Zipporah Galimore

Original Paper

What Parents and Children Say When Talking about Children’s Gratitude: A Thematic Analysis

Allegra J. Midgette, Jennifer L. Coffman, Andrea M. Hussong

Original Paper

Adolescent Coping with Peer Exclusion: A Person-Centered Analog Approach

S. Titova, M. J. Zimmer-Gembeck, N. Mendez, G. Zimmermann, S. Van Petegem

Open Access Original Paper

Reciprocal Relationships between Trajectories of Loneliness and Screen Media Use during Adolescence

David Lawrence, Simon C. Hunter, Rebecca Cunneen, Stephen J. Houghton, Corinne Zadow, Michael Rosenberg, Lisa Wood, Trevor Shilton

Original Paper

Social Functioning Mediates the Relation Between Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal Ideation Among Youth

Stephanie Freitag, Courtney J. Bolstad, Michael R. Nadorff, Dorian A. Lamis

Original Paper

Early emotional memories and well-being in adolescence: The roles of shame and self-critical attitudes

Ana Laura Mendes, Maria Cristina Canavarro, Cláudia Ferreira

Open Access Original Paper

Family Alliance in Infancy and Toddlerhood Predicts Social Cognition in Adolescence

Hervé Tissot, Noémie Lapalus, France Frascarolo, Jean-Nicolas Despland, Nicolas Favez

Original Paper

Configuration of Parent-Reported and Adolescent-Perceived Career-Related Parenting Practice and Adolescents’ Career Development: A Person-Centered, Longitudinal Analysis of Chinese Parent–Adolescent Dyads

Yue Liang, Nan Zhou, Hongjian Cao, Jian-Bin Li, Kai Dou, Fushuang Wu, Qingqi Liu, Qinglu Wu, Yangang Nie, Zhijun Ning, Guodong Wang

Open Access Original Paper

Environmental Correlates of Adolescent’ Materialism: Interpersonal Role Models, Media Exposure, and Family Socio-economic Status

Anna Maria Zawadzka, Tim Kasser, Małgorzata Niesiobędzka, Aleksandra Lewandowska-Walter, Małgorzata Górnik-Durose

Original Paper

The Combined Influence of Monitoring and Early Puberty on Disruptive Behavior Problems in African American Girls

Hope I. White, Shabnam Javdani, Chloe A. Greenbaum, Erin M. Emerson, Geri R. Donenberg

Original Paper

Family Functioning and Anxiety Symptoms in Adolescents: The Moderating Role of Mindfulness

Nicole Kathleen Watkins, Caroline Salafia, Christine McCauley Ohannessian

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