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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 5/2007

Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Is there a Relationship between Family Structure and Substance Use among Public Middle School Students?

Raheem J. Paxton, Robert F. Valois, J. Wanzer Drane

Original Paper

Foster Parents’ Involvement in Authoritative Parenting and Interest in Future Parenting Training

Keith A. King, Linda K. Kraemer, Amy L. Bernard, Rebecca A. Vidourek

Original Paper

Mental Health Screening of Female Juvenile Offenders: Replication of a Subtyping Strategy

Keith R. Cruise, Monica A. Marsee, Danielle M. Dandreaux, Debra K. DePrato

Original Paper

Family Strain and Adolescent Delinquency in Two Chinese Cities, Guangzhou and Hong Kong

Chau-Kiu Cheung, Ngan-Pun Ngai, Steven Sek-Yum Ngai

Original Paper

Parenting Cognitions Associated with the Use of Psychological Control

Bobbi R. Walling, Rosemary S. L. Mills, Wendy S. Freeman

Original Paper

A Review of Childrearing in African American Single Mother Families: The Relevance of a Coparenting Framework

Deborah J. Jones, Alecia A. Zalot, Sarah E. Foster, Emma Sterrett, Charlene Chester

Original Paper

Clinician Perspectives of Diagnosis and Perceived Client Change in “Real World” Psychotherapy for Youth Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Rachel A. Haine, Lauren Brookman-Frazee, Katherine H. Tsai, Scott C. Roesch, Ann F. Garland

Original Paper

Validity of Treatment Target Progress Ratings as Indicators of Youth Improvement

Brad J. Nakamura, Eric L. Daleiden, Charles W. Mueller