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Journal of Child and Family Studies 4/2022
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 4/2022


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Open Access 07-07-2021 | Original Paper

Parenting and Adolescents’ Academic Achievement: The Mediating Role of Goal Engagement and Disengagement
Priscilla S. Yau, Yongwon Cho, Jacob Shane, Joseph Kay, Jutta Heckhausen

16-07-2021 | Original Paper

Developmental Assets, Defiance, and Caregiver Communication among Black Adolescents with High Body Weights
Jessica E. Mandell, Kathryn H. Howell, Idia B. Thurston

17-08-2021 | Original Paper

Parental Attachment and Externalizing Behaviors among Chinese Adolescents: The Mediating Role of Self-Control
Yao Sun, Jian-Bin Li, Maulia Pijarhati M. Oktaufik, Alexander T. Vazsonyi

Open Access 05-11-2021 | Original Paper

Well-Being and Perceived Stress of Adolescent Young Carers: A Cross-Sectional Comparative Study
Hannah Wepf, Agnes Leu

10-11-2021 | Original Paper

Parental Corporal Punishment, Peer Victimization, and Aggressive Adolescent Behavior: The Moderating Effect of Parent-Adolescent Relationship
Zhenhua Li, Chengfu Yu, Yangang Nie, Qingqi Liu

04-01-2022 | Original Paper

Maternal and Paternal Psychological Control Dimensions: Relations with Adolescent Outcomes
Katelyn F. Romm, Lauren M. Alvis

08-01-2022 | Original Paper

Parenting Adolescents with ADHD: Maternal and Adolescent Contributions and the Intervening Role of Stress
Robert W. Miller, Dawn M. Gondoli, Christine M. Steeger, Bradley S. Gibson

11-01-2022 | Original Paper

Examining Direct and Indirect Mechanisms of Parental Influences on Youth Physical Activity and Body Mass Index
Jocelyn Smith Carter, Draycen D. DeCator, Carolyn Patterson, Gabriel McNair, Kristin Schneider

Open Access 23-10-2021 | Original Paper

Gender Differences in Perceived Family Involvement and Perceived Family Control during Emerging Adulthood: A Cross-Country Comparison in Southern Europe
M. C. García-Mendoza, A. Parra, I. Sánchez-Queija, J. E. Oliveira, S. Coimbra

22-11-2021 | Original Paper

Perceived Parental Emotional Warmth and Prosocial Behaviors among Emerging Adults: Personal Belief in a Just World and Gratitude as Mediators
Sixiang Quan, Mingjun Li, Xiaohui Yang, Hongru Song, Zhenhong Wang

04-01-2022 | Original Paper

Typologies of Helicopter Parenting in American and Chinese Young-Adults’ Game and Social Media Addictive Behaviors
Woosang Hwang, Eunjoo Jung, Xiaoyu Fu, Yue Zhang, Kwangman Ko, Sun-A Lee, Youn Mi Lee, Soyoung Lee, Hyun-Kyung You, Youngjin Kang

11-01-2022 | Original Paper

Supervising Without Controlling: A New Authority intervention for Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes
Yael Rothman-Kabir, Naama Gershy, Orit Pinhas-Hamiel, Haim Omer

14-01-2022 | Original Paper

Home-Based Early Head Start plus Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up: A Qualitative Study of Implementation Outcomes
Allison L. West, Lisa J. Berlin, Alyssa Goodman, Katherine Endy, Chelsea Manzon, Brenda Jones Harden

Open Access 13-01-2022 | Original Paper

Preventive Group Training Improves Children’s Outcomes after Divorce: A Dutch Quasi-experimental Study
Mariska Klein Velderman, Paula van Dommelen, Fieke D. Pannebakker, Sijmen A. Reijneveld

Open Access 26-01-2022 | Original Paper

Effects of an Online Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Intervention on Children’s Quality of Life
Essi Sairanen, Raimo Lappalainen, Päivi Lappalainen, Arto Hiltunen

20-01-2022 | Original Paper

Effects of a Multilevel Resilience-Based Intervention on Mental Health for Children Affected by Parental HIV: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Yanping Jiang, Xiaoming Li, Sayward E. Harrison, JiaJia Zhang, Shan Qiao, Junfeng Zhao, Guoxiang Zhao

19-11-2021 | Original Paper

Precarious Parental Employment Conditions and Family Poverty Experiences in the First Six Years of a Child’s Life
Wen-Jui Han, Liwei Zhang

27-01-2022 | Original Paper

Home-Based Early Education for Refugee and Local Children via Mothers: A Model of Contextually Sensitive Early Intervention
Ersoy Erdemir

03-01-2022 | Original Paper

Strengthening Communities: A Qualitative Assessment of Opportunities for the Prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Wake of the Opioid Crisis
Jennifer L. Matjasko, Gary Chovnick, Joivita Bradford, Sarah Treves-Kagan, Kristen Usher, Elizabeth Vaughn, Erin Ingoldsby

10-02-2022 | Original Paper

An Intersectional Modeling of Risk for Nonsuicidal Self-Injury among LGBTQ Adolescents
Stephanie R. Speer, Brittanie Atteberry-Ash, Shanna K. Kattari, Leo. Kattari, Rohini Gupta, N. Eugene Walls

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