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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 4/2011

Inhoudsopgave (18 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Family Concerns and Involvement During Kindergarten Transition

Leah K. Wildenger, Laura Lee McIntyre

Original Paper

The Development and Evaluation of a Parent Empowerment Program for Family Peer Advocates

James Rodriguez, S. S. Olin, Kimberly E. Hoagwood, Sa Shen, Geraldine Burton, Marleen Radigan, Peter S. Jensen

Original Paper

Parental Knowledge and Substance Use Among African American Adolescents: Influence of Gender and Grade Level

Jacob Kraemer Tebes, Emily C. Cook, Jeffrey J. Vanderploeg, Richard Feinn, Matthew J. Chinman, Jane K. Shepard, Tamika Brabham, Christian M. Connell

Original Paper

Trajectories of Postpartum Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Children’s Social Skills

Yelena P. Wu, James P. Selig, Michael C. Roberts, Ric G. Steele

Original Paper

The Severely Impaired Do Profit Most: Differential Effectiveness of a Parent Management Training for Children with Externalizing Behavior Problems in a Natural Setting

Christopher Hautmann, Petra Stein, Ilka Eichelberger, Charlotte Hanisch, Julia Plück, Daniel Walter, Manfred Döpfner

Original Paper

The Relation Between Maternal Symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Mother–Infant Interaction

Deborah L. Semple, Eric J. Mash, Jerilyn E. Ninowski, Karen M. Benzies

Original Paper

Assessing Psychosocial Impairment in the Pediatric Emergency Department: Child/Caregiver Concordance

Zorash Montaño, Nicole E. Mahrer, Alan L. Nager, Ilene Claudius, Jeffrey I. Gold

Original Paper

Parents of Adolescents with Mental Disorders: Improving Their Caregiving Experience

Michela Gatta, Lara Dal Zotto, Giulia Nequinio, Lara Del Col, Rosaria Sorgato, Giovanni Ceranto, Costantino Paolo Testa, Riccardo Pertile, Pier Antonio Battistella

Original Paper

Profiles of Racial Socialization Among African American Parents: Correlates, Context, and Outcome

Margaret O’Brien Caughy, Saundra Murray Nettles, Julie Lima

Original Paper

Measuring Competence and Dysfunction in Preschool Children: Source Agreement and Component Structure

Daniel Klyce, Anthony J. Conger, Judith Cohen Conger, Jean E. Dumas

Open Access Retraction Note

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Initial Validation of the Caregiver Wish List for Parenting Practices

Jill Thijssen, Corine de Ruiter