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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 4/2003

Uitgave 4/2003

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01-12-2003 | Editorial Introduction | Uitgave 4/2003

Can a Biomedical Approach to Psychiatric Practice Be Justified?

Duncan B. Double

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Psychoeducational Interventions with Pediatric Cancer Patients: Part II. Effects of Information and Skills Training on Health-Related Outcomes

Ivan L. Beale, Andrew S. Bradlyn, Pamela M. Kato

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale: Two Studies of Convergent Validity

Alexandra L. Trout, Joseph B. Ryan, Steven P. La Vigne, Michael H. Epstein

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

The Linkage Between Multiple Perspectives of the Marital Relationship and Preschoolers' Adjustment

Osnat Erel, Karni Kissil

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Maternal Coping Skills as a Moderator Between Depression and Stressful Life Events: Effects on Children's Behavioral Problems in an Intervention Program

Kyunghee Lee

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Peer Victimization and Social-Psychological Adjustment in Hispanic and African-American Children

Eric A. Storch, Matthew K. Nock, Carrie Masia-Warner, Mitchell E. Barlas

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Initial Reliability and Validity of the Life Satisfaction Scale for Problem Youth in a Sample of Drug Abusing and Conduct Disordered Youth

Brad Donohue, Gordon Teichner, Nathan Azrin, Noah Weintraub, Thomas A. Crum, Leah Murphy, N. Clayton Silver

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

The Role of Race and Severity of Abuse in Teachers' Recognition or Reporting of Child Abuse

Chizoma Linda Egu, David J. Weiss

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Lorenz Curves: A New Model for the Distribution of Psychiatric Services

Elizabeth N. Lewis, Kenneth C. Nash, Kelly J. Kelleher

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Book Review: How Children Learn to Be Healthy. By Barbara J. Tinsley. New York: Cambridge University Press. 2003

Bruce L. Hilsberg

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Video Review: Understanding Childhood Trauma. Barrington, IL: Magna Systems

Elizabeth Rodgers, Kristen McAleavey Eng

01-12-2003 | Other Index | Uitgave 4/2003

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01-12-2003 | Other Index | Uitgave 4/2003

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