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Journal of Child and Family Studies 3/2022
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 3/2022

Special Section: Multiracial Families


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19-02-2022 | Invited Paper

An Introduction to the Special Section on Multiracial Families: The Challenges, Strengths, and Work that Remains
Roudi Nazarinia Roy, Alethea Rollins, Anthony G. James Jr., Maureen Perry-Jenkins

08-02-2022 | Original Paper

Counting Families, Counting Race: Assessing Visible Family Structural Change among Multiracial Families, 1980–2018
Jenifer Bratter, Raul S. Casarez, Allan Farrell, Sharan Kaur Mehta, Xiaorui Zhang, Michael Carroll

17-02-2022 | Invited Paper

Dual Realities: The Unique and Multilayered Experiences in Multiracial Families
Roudi Nazarinia Roy, Alethea Rollins

15-02-2022 | Original Paper

Multiracial Families: Differences in Values & Relational Outcomes
Alexandrea L. Craft, Christina A. Rowley, Maureen Perry-Jenkins

04-02-2022 | Original Paper

Parental Conflict in the Context of Multiethnoracial Relationships
Christina A. Rowley, Alexandrea L. Craft, Maureen Perry-Jenkins

09-02-2022 | Review

Supporting Children and Youth in Multiracial Families in the United States: Racial-Ethnic Socialization and Familial Support of Multiracial Experiences
Annamaria Csizmadia, Annabelle L. Atkin

22-02-2022 | Original Paper

She’s Biracial, but She’s Still Black: Reflections from Monoracial African American Parents Raising Biracial Children
Yolanda T. Mitchell

09-02-2022 | Original Paper

It All Started at a Post Office: Interracial Love and Its Complexities
Indira D. B. Feustel

17-02-2022 | Original Paper

Race, Multiraciality, Income, and Infant Mortality: Markers of Racial Equity
Catherine L. Kothari, Katherine Corbit, Joi Presberry, Terra Bautista, Brenda O’Rourke, Debra Lenz

16-02-2022 | Original Paper

Loving Across Racial Lines: Associations between Gender and Partner Race and the Health of Young Adults
Byron Miller, Anthony James, Roudi Nazarinia Roy

17-02-2022 | Invited Paper

Passing the Peace: Embracing Multiculturalism in our Black Christian and Punjabi Sikh Marriage
Simran Kaur-Colbert, Jarrod Colbert

16-02-2022 | Invited Paper

More than Half: Multiracial Families in the World War II Japanese American Incarceration Camps
Jennifer Pearson Yamashiro

18-02-2022 | Invited Paper

Special Section Conclusion: Future Directions of Multiracial Families
Anthony G. James Jr, Alethea Rollins, Roudi Nazarinia Roy

07-01-2022 | Original Paper

Latino Parents’ Perspectives on the Life Trajectories of Mixed-Status Children
Joseph G. Grzywacz, Edgar Apanecatl-Ibarra, Ebony Iheanacho, Kinsey E. Pocchio, Jonathan R. Cardamone, Michael J. Merten, Martha I. Zapata

28-06-2021 | Original Paper

Advancing Understanding of Autism within Families: Caregiver Broader Autism Phenotype Traits Differentially Relate to Parenting Behavior
Elizabeth A. DeLucia, Olivia Semones, Kasey Stanton, Christina G. McDonnell

05-08-2021 | Original Paper

Parental Expressed Emotion Towards Child with Psychiatric Disorder vs. Healthy Sibling
Miri Gnainsky, Gal Shoval, Nesrin Lubbad, Gil Goldzweig, Ilanit Hasson-Ohayon

30-08-2021 | Original Paper

Examining Differences in Parenting Stress, Parenting Efficacy, and Household Context among Mothers of Youth with Autism and/or ADHD
Hillary K. Schiltz, Alana J. McVey, Kelsey Gonring, Angela D. Haendel, Christina Murphy, Amy Vaughan Van Hecke, Alyson Gerdes

22-10-2021 | Original Paper

Disruptions and Adaptations in Family Functioning: A Study of Families’ Experiences with PANS/PANDAS
Jamie L. Dolce, Maria D. LaRusso, César Abadia-Barrero

Open Access 14-10-2021 | Original Paper

Listen to Me: Parents’ Satisfaction with Special Needs Services in Syria – A Descriptive and Exploratory Study
Wissam Mounzer, Donald M. Stenhoff

04-10-2021 | Original Paper

Caregivers’ Feeding Experiences and Support of Their Child with Cerebral Palsy
Christine Taylor, Ariana C. Kong, Jann Foster, Nadia Badawi, Iona Novak

22-10-2021 | Original Paper

Asthma Control in Children and Adolescents whose Mothers have a Common Mental Disorder
Auxiliadora D. P. V. Costa, Leticia M. Santos, Mércia L. Medeiros, Jorge A. P. M. Coelho, Claudio T. Miranda

11-01-2022 | Original Paper

Exploring the Advocacy Experiences of Military Families with Children Who Have Disabilities
Janeth Aleman-Tovar, Kristen Schraml-Block, Robyn DiPietro-Wells, Meghan Burke

Open Access 14-01-2022 | Original Paper

Family Context and ADHD Symptoms in Middle Childhood: an Explanatory Model
Florencia Barreto-Zarza, Manuel Sánchez de Miguel, Enrique B. Arranz-Freijo, Joana Acha, Llúcia González, Marisa Rebagliato, Jesús Ibarluzea

03-02-2022 | Original Paper

Dual Roles: Experiences of Special Educators who are Mothers of a Child with a Disability
Estyr M. Bomgardner, Amy L. Accardo

12-01-2022 | Original Paper

Barriers to Mental Health Services for Parents and Siblings of Children with Special Health Care Needs
Genevieve Graaf, Philip Baiden, Latocia Keyes, George Boyd

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