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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 3/2022

Special Section: Multiracial Families

Inhoudsopgave (25 Artikelen)

Invited Paper

An Introduction to the Special Section on Multiracial Families: The Challenges, Strengths, and Work that Remains

Roudi Nazarinia Roy, Alethea Rollins, Anthony G. James Jr., Maureen Perry-Jenkins

Original Paper

Counting Families, Counting Race: Assessing Visible Family Structural Change among Multiracial Families, 1980–2018

Jenifer Bratter, Raul S. Casarez, Allan Farrell, Sharan Kaur Mehta, Xiaorui Zhang, Michael Carroll

Invited Paper

Dual Realities: The Unique and Multilayered Experiences in Multiracial Families

Roudi Nazarinia Roy, Alethea Rollins

Original Paper

Multiracial Families: Differences in Values & Relational Outcomes

Alexandrea L. Craft, Christina A. Rowley, Maureen Perry-Jenkins

Original Paper

Parental Conflict in the Context of Multiethnoracial Relationships

Christina A. Rowley, Alexandrea L. Craft, Maureen Perry-Jenkins

Original Paper

Race, Multiraciality, Income, and Infant Mortality: Markers of Racial Equity

Catherine L. Kothari, Katherine Corbit, Joi Presberry, Terra Bautista, Brenda O’Rourke, Debra Lenz

Invited Paper

Special Section Conclusion: Future Directions of Multiracial Families

Anthony G. James Jr, Alethea Rollins, Roudi Nazarinia Roy

Original Paper

Latino Parents’ Perspectives on the Life Trajectories of Mixed-Status Children

Joseph G. Grzywacz, Edgar Apanecatl-Ibarra, Ebony Iheanacho, Kinsey E. Pocchio, Jonathan R. Cardamone, Michael J. Merten, Martha I. Zapata

Original Paper

Advancing Understanding of Autism within Families: Caregiver Broader Autism Phenotype Traits Differentially Relate to Parenting Behavior

Elizabeth A. DeLucia, Olivia Semones, Kasey Stanton, Christina G. McDonnell

Original Paper

Parental Expressed Emotion Towards Child with Psychiatric Disorder vs. Healthy Sibling

Miri Gnainsky, Gal Shoval, Nesrin Lubbad, Gil Goldzweig, Ilanit Hasson-Ohayon

Original Paper

Examining Differences in Parenting Stress, Parenting Efficacy, and Household Context among Mothers of Youth with Autism and/or ADHD

Hillary K. Schiltz, Alana J. McVey, Kelsey Gonring, Angela D. Haendel, Christina Murphy, Amy Vaughan Van Hecke, Alyson Gerdes

Original Paper

Disruptions and Adaptations in Family Functioning: A Study of Families’ Experiences with PANS/PANDAS

Jamie L. Dolce, Maria D. LaRusso, César Abadia-Barrero

Original Paper

Caregivers’ Feeding Experiences and Support of Their Child with Cerebral Palsy

Christine Taylor, Ariana C. Kong, Jann Foster, Nadia Badawi, Iona Novak

Original Paper

Asthma Control in Children and Adolescents whose Mothers have a Common Mental Disorder

Auxiliadora D. P. V. Costa, Leticia M. Santos, Mércia L. Medeiros, Jorge A. P. M. Coelho, Claudio T. Miranda

Original Paper

Exploring the Advocacy Experiences of Military Families with Children Who Have Disabilities

Janeth Aleman-Tovar, Kristen Schraml-Block, Robyn DiPietro-Wells, Meghan Burke

Open Access Original Paper

Family Context and ADHD Symptoms in Middle Childhood: an Explanatory Model

Florencia Barreto-Zarza, Manuel Sánchez de Miguel, Enrique B. Arranz-Freijo, Joana Acha, Llúcia González, Marisa Rebagliato, Jesús Ibarluzea

Original Paper

Barriers to Mental Health Services for Parents and Siblings of Children with Special Health Care Needs

Genevieve Graaf, Philip Baiden, Latocia Keyes, George Boyd