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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 3/2017

Inhoudsopgave (25 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Emotional Competence Disorders and Social Communication in Young Victims of Abuse

Juan Manuel Moreno-Manso, M Elena García-Baamonde, Eloísa Guerrero-Barona, José Manuel Pozueco-Romero

Original Paper

Racial Socialization, Private Regard, and Behavior Problems in African American Youth: Global Self-Esteem as a Mediator

BreAnna L. Davis, Mia A. Smith-Bynum, Farzana T. Saleem, Tiffany Francois, Sharon F. Lambert

Open Access Original Paper

Attachment to Mother and Father at Transition to Middle Childhood

Simona Di Folco, Serena Messina, Giulio Cesare Zavattini, Elia Psouni

Original Paper

A New Measure of the Expression of Shame: The Shame Code

Kalee De France, Dianna Lanteigne, Jenny Glozman, Tom Hollenstein

Original Paper

Hospitalization of Children with Cystic Fibrosis Adversely Affects Mothers’ Physical Activity, Sleep Quality, and Psychological Status

Naciye Vardar-Yagli, Melda Saglam, Deniz Inal-Ince, Ebru Calik-Kutukcu, Hulya Arikan, Sema Savci, Ugur Ozcelik, Nural Kiper

Original Paper

Using the Double ABCX Model to Integrate Services for Families of Children with ASD

Katherine E. Pickard, Brooke R. Ingersoll

Original Paper

Divorce Stress, Stepfamily Stress, and Depression among Emerging Adult Stepchildren

Kevin Shafer, Todd M. Jensen, Erin K. Holmes

Original Paper

Understanding Barriers to Initial Treatment Engagement among Underserved Families Seeking Mental Health Services

Mirian E. Ofonedu, Harolyn M. E. Belcher, Chakra Budhathoki, Deborah A. Gross

Original Paper

Social Validity of a Training and Coaching Program for Parents of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder on a Waiting List for Early Behavioral Intervention

Mélina Rivard, Marjorie Morin, Céline Mercier, Amélie Terroux, Catherine Mello, Anabel Lépine

Original Paper

Examining Parents’ Preferences for Group Parent Training for ADHD When Individual Parent Training is Unavailable

Frances A. Wymbs, Yvonne Chen, Heather M. Rimas, Ken Deal, Daniel A. Waschbusch, William E. Pelham Jr

Original Paper

Helicopter Parenting, Autonomy Support, and College Students’ Mental Health and Well-being: The Moderating Role of Sex and Ethnicity

Chrystyna D. Kouros, Megan M. Pruitt, Naomi V. Ekas, Romilyn Kiriaki, Megan Sunderland

Original Paper

Characteristics of Parents of Children with ADHD Who Never Attend, Drop Out, and Complete Behavioral Parent Training

Anil Chacko, Brian T. Wymbs, Estrella Rajwan, Frances Wymbs, Nicole Feirsen