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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 3/2016

Uitgave 3/2016

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21-09-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Brief Parenting Interventions for Children at Risk of Externalizing Behavior Problems: A Systematic Review

Lucy A. Tully, Caroline Hunt

26-09-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Acceptability and Feasibility of Peer Assisted Supervision and Support for Intervention Practitioners: A Q-methodology Evaluation

Kerri E. McPherson, Matthew R. Sanders, Birgit Schroeter, Victoria Troy, Kirsty Wiseman

25-07-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Families with Distinct Levels of Marital Conflict and Child Adjustment: Which Role for Maternal and Paternal Stress?

Elena Camisasca, Sarah Miragoli, Paola Di Blasio

21-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Comparing Maltreating and Foster Families in Italy

Laura Migliorini, Nadia Rania, Donatella Cavanna, Paola Cardinali, Valentina Guiducci

19-07-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

References to Mental States in Mother–Child Conversation in the Second Year of Life

Emiddia Longobardi, Antonia Lonigro, Fiorenzo Laghi

23-07-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Motivational Antecedents and Consequences of the Mother–Adolescent Communication

Jelena Hollmann, Julia Gorges, Elke Wild

20-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Bidirectional Effects of Positive Affect, Warmth, and Interactions Between Mothers With and Without Symptoms of Depression and Their Toddlers

Alexandra C. Hummel, Elizabeth J. Kiel, Silvija Zvirblyte

23-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Developmental Changes in Discrepancies Between Adolescents’ and Their Mothers’ Views of Family Communication

Andres De Los Reyes, Christine McCauley Ohannessian, Robert D. Laird

23-07-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

How Couple- and Parenting-Focused Programs Affect Child Behavioral Problems: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Martina Zemp, Anne Milek, E. Mark Cummings, Annette Cina, Guy Bodenmann

09-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016 Open Access

Parent Programs for Reducing Adolescent’s Antisocial Behavior and Substance Use: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Camilla Jalling, Maria Bodin, Anders Romelsjö, Håkan Källmén, Natalie Durbeej, Anders Tengström

14-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Leveraging Healthcare to Promote Responsive Parenting: Impacts of the Video Interaction Project on Parenting Stress

Carolyn Brockmeyer Cates, Adriana Weisleder, Benard P. Dreyer, Samantha Berkule Johnson, Kristina Vlahovicova, Jennifer Ledesma, Alan L. Mendelsohn

19-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Evaluation of a Community-Based Peer-to-Peer Support Program for Parents of At-Risk Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties

Stacy-Ann A. January, Kristin Duppong Hurley, Amy L. Stevens, Krista Kutash, Albert J. Duchnowski, Neftali Pereda

18-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Client Report of Delivery of Common Elements in Usual Care and the Association to Satisfaction

Emily V. Trask, Kya Fawley-King, Ann F. Garland, Gregory A. Aarons

03-09-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Tailoring Social Competence Interventions for Children with Learning Disabilities

Karen Milligan, Marjory Phillips, Ashley S. Morgan

08-09-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Worker Perspectives from the Front Line: Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions in Child Welfare Settings

Becci A. Akin, Jody Brook, Kaela D. Byers, Margaret H. Lloyd

19-07-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Psychological Adjustment, Social Responsiveness and Parental Distress in an Italian Sample of Siblings of Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

Stefania Di Biasi, Barbara Trimarco, Caterina D’Ardia, Sergio Melogno, Giovanni Meledandri, Gabriel Levi

30-07-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

The Impact of Latino Caregiver Acculturation on Treatment Engagement in Children’s Community Mental Health Services

Rachel E. Kim, Anna S. Lau, Bruce F. Chorpita

31-07-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Sleep Problems and Separation Anxiety in Preschool-Aged Children: A Path Analysis

Angelika A. Schlarb, Stefanie Jaeger, Silvia Schneider, Tina In-Albon, Martin Hautzinger

20-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Psychologically Controlling Parenting and Personality Vulnerability to Depression: A Study in Peruvian Late Adolescents

Rafael Gargurevich, Bart Soenens

07-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Ethnic Differences in the Relation Between Parental Emotion Socialization and Mental Health in Emerging Adults

Claudia I. Lugo-Candelas, Elizabeth A. Harvey, Rosanna P. Breaux, Sharonne D. Herbert

20-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Adolescent Motherhood, Depression, and Delinquency

D’Andre Walker, Kristy Holtfreter

19-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Testing Specificity: Associations of Stress and Coping with Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in Youth

Alexandra H. Bettis, Rex Forehand, Laura McKee, Jennifer P. Dunbar, Kelly H. Watson, Bruce E. Compas

23-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Enhancing Children’s Social Emotional Functioning Through Virtual Game-Based Delivery of Social Skills Training

Ashley B. Craig, Emily R. Brown, James Upright, Melissa E. DeRosier

23-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Mental Health Problems that Mediate Treatment Utilization Among Children in Foster Care

Anne-Marie Conn, Moira A. Szilagyi, Linda Alpert-Gillis, Constance D. Baldwin, Sandra H. Jee

24-07-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Parental Attitudes Towards Seeking Professional Help for Their Children: A Community Sample from the Sultanate of Oman

Alina Morawska, Alya Sultan

06-08-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Parenting Style and Peer Trust in Relation to School Adjustment in Middle Childhood

Dan Wang, Anne C. Fletcher

03-10-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Parent-Involved Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: A Qualitative Exploration of Parents’ Perceptions and Practices in Beijing

Qian Wen Xie, Dong Ping Qiao, Xiao Lei Wang

03-09-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Parenting Stress and Quality of Life in Pediatric Obesity: The Mediating Role of Parenting Styles

Roberta Frontini, Helena Moreira, Maria Cristina Canavarro

24-09-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Youth Emotional Reactivity, Interparental Conflict, Parent Hostility, and Worrying Among Children with Substance-Abusing Parents

Michelle L. Kelley, Tyler D. White, Robert J. Milletich, Brittany F. Hollis, Brianna N. Haislip, Erin K. Heidt, Cassie A. Patterson, James M. Henson

07-09-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 3/2016

Parenting Stress, Child Characteristics, and Developmental Delay from Birth to Age Five in Teen Mother–Child Dyads

Marijane Lehr, Beth Wecksell, Lindsay Nahum, Devorah Neuhaus, Karen Shoum Teel, Lourdes Oriana Linares, Angela Diaz

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