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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 3/2011

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Open Access Original Paper

Social Support and Neighborhood Stressors Among African American Youth: Networks and Relations to Self-Worth

Susan D. McMahon, Erika D. Felix, Thara Nagarajan

Open Access Original Paper

In-Home Training for Fathers of Children with Autism: A Follow up Study and Evaluation of Four Individual Training Components

Jennifer H. Elder, Susan O. Donaldson, John Kairalla, Gregory Valcante, Roxanna Bendixen, Richard Ferdig, Erica Self, Jeffrey Walker, Christina Palau, Michele Serrano

Original Paper

Acceptability of Behavioral Family Therapy among Caregivers in China

Jun Yu, Mark Roberts, Maria Wong, Yongqiang Shen

Original Paper

Strengths of Aboriginal Foster Parents

Viktoria Ivanova, Jason Brown

Open Access Original Paper

Aboriginal Children and Their Caregivers Living with Low Income: Outcomes from a Two-Generation Preschool Program

Karen Benzies, Suzanne Tough, Nancy Edwards, Richelle Mychasiuk, Carlene Donnelly

Original Paper

Bidirectional Relationships Between Parenting Stress and Child Coping Competence: Findings From the Pace Study

Kimberly A. Cappa, Angela Moreland Begle, Judith C. Conger, Jean E. Dumas, Anthony J. Conger

Original Paper

Measuring Parenting in Community and Public Health Research Using Brief Child and Parent Reports

Stephen Scott, Jacqueline Briskman, Mark R. Dadds

Original Paper

Coping and Positive Affect in Adolescents of Mothers With and Without a History of Depression

Sarah S. Jaser, Jennifer E. Champion, Kristen R. Dharamsi, Michele M. Riesing, Bruce E. Compas

Open Access Original Paper

HIV Disease Impact on Mothers: What They Miss During Their Children’s Developmental Years

Debra A. Murphy, Kathleen Johnston Roberts, Diane M. Herbeck