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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 3/2002

Uitgave 3/2002

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01-09-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

How Do Parents Do It?

Robert G. Wahler

01-09-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Putting Parenting in Perspective: A Discussion of the Contextual Factors That Shape Parenting Practices

Beth A. Kotchick, Rex Forehand

01-09-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Do Problems of Clinic-Referred African-American Children Overlap with the Child Behavior Checklist?

Michael Canute Lambert, George T. Rowan, Mikhail Lyubansky, Chad M. Russ

01-09-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Maternal Identity Among Motherless Mothers and Psychological Symptoms in Their Firstborn Children

Gina C. Mireault, Toni Thomas, Kimberly Bearor

01-09-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

From Mental Health to Juvenile Justice: What Factors Predict This Transition?

Michelle A. Scott, Lonnie Snowden, Anne M. Libby

01-09-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Inner-City Children Living with an HIV-Seropositive Mother: Parent–Child Relationships, Perception of Social Support, and Psychological Disturbance

Susan A. Reyland, Thomas J. McMahon, Ann Higgins-Delessandro, Suniya S. Luthar

01-09-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Family Stress and Children's Rejection by Peers: Do Siblings Provide a Buffer?

Rebecca L. Lockwood, Noni K. Gaylord, Katherine M. Kitzmann, Robert Cohen

01-09-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Factors That Predict Premature Termination Among Mexican-American Children in Outpatient Psychotherapy

Kristen M. McCabe

01-09-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Predicting Resource Utilization by Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance and Their Families

Cary E. Jenson, Winston Turner, Sue Amero, Anne Johnson, Gail Werrbach

01-09-2002 | Uitgave 3/2002

Book Review: Connecting Children: Care and Family Life in Later Childhood. By Julia Branen, Ellen Heptinstall, and Kalwant Bhopal. London, UK: Routledge Falmer. 2000

Maia M. King

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