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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 2/2021

Inhoudsopgave (20 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Thematic Analysis of Parent–Child Conversations About COVID-19: “Playing It Safe”

R. R. Tambling, A. J. Tomkunas, B. S. Russell, A. L. Horton, M. Hutchison

Original Paper

Resources for Teens’ Health: Talk with Parents and Extended Family about Sex

Jennifer M. Grossman, Alicia D. Lynch, Lisette M. DeSouza, Amanda M. Richer

Original Paper

Pediatric Acquired Disability: Child and Parental Adjustment

S. Palmor Haspel, L. Hamama

Original Paper

Gratitude: A Resilience Factor for More Securely Attached Children

Veronica Scott, Martine Verhees, Rudi De Raedt, Patricia Bijttebier, Michael W. Vasey, Magali Van de Walle, Theodore E. A. Waters, Guy Bosmans

Original Paper

Stress and Well-Being: A Systematic Case Study of Adolescents’ Experiences in a Mindfulness-Based Program

Deborah L. Schussler, Yoonkyung Oh, Julia Mahfouz, Joseph Levitan, Jennifer L. Frank, Patricia C. Broderick, Joy L. Mitra, Elaine Berrena, Kimberly Kohler, Mark T. Greenberg

Original Paper

Beyond 16 Sessions: Extending Manualized Treatment of Anxious Youth

Elana R. Kagan, Hannah E. Frank, Mark J. Knepley, Philip C. Kendall

Original Paper

Outcomes of Assertive Community Treatment for Adolescents with Complex Mental Health Problems Who are Difficult to Engage

Michael F. X. Daubney, Narelle Raeburn, Kerry Blackman, Holly Jeffries, Karyn L. Healy

Original Paper

Maternal–Fetal Attachment: Associations with Maternal Sensory Processing, Adult Attachment, Distress and Perinatal Loss

Grace Branjerdporn, Pamela Meredith, Trish Wilson, Jenny Strong

Original Paper

Exploring Patterns of Service Utilization Within Children’s Mental Health Agencies

Graham J. Reid, Shannon L. Stewart, Melanie Barwick, Charles Cunningham, Jeffrey Carter, Barrie Evans, Alan Leschied, Richard W. J. Neufeld, Jeff St. Pierre, Juliana Tobon, Evelyn Vingilis, Gregory Zaric