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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 2/2012

Inhoudsopgave (19 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Culturally-Modified Recruitment Strategies for Latino Families in Clinical Child Research: A Critical First Step

Lauren M. Haack, Alyson C. Gerdes, Bethdalie Cruz, Brian W. Schneider

Original Paper

Social Problems as a Mediator of the Link Between Reactive Aggression and Withdrawn/Depressed Symptoms

Paula J. Fite, Jamie L. Rathert, Laura Stoppelbein, Leilani Greening

Original Paper

Parenting Beliefs, Parental Stress, and Social Support Relationships

Melissa Respler-Herman, Barbara A. Mowder, Anastasia E. Yasik, Renee Shamah

Original Paper

Maternal Depression and Family Media Use: A Questionnaire and Diary Analysis

Anna M. Bank, Rachel Barr, Sandra L. Calvert, W. Gerrod Parrott, Susan C. McDonough, Katherine Rosenblum

Original Paper

Maternal-Related Predictors of Self-Regulation Among Low-Income Youth

Isabelle A. Crossley, John C. Buckner

Original Paper

A Reappraisal of the Nobody’s Perfect Program

Deborah J. Kennett, Gail Chislett, Ashley L. S. Olver

Original Paper

Measuring Attitudes Toward Acceptable and Unacceptable Parenting Practices

Karen S. Budd, Steven Behling, Yan Li, Sangeeta Parikshak, Rachel A. Gershenson, Rachel Feuer, Christina M. Danko

Original Paper

The Significance of Strategic Community Engagement in Recruiting African American Youth & Families for Clinical Research

Alfiee M. Breland-Noble, Carl C. Bell, Antoinette Burriss, H. Kathy Poole

Original Paper

Mother and Child Depressive Symptoms in Youth with Spina Bifida: Additive, Moderator, and Mediator Models

Kriston B. Schellinger, Grayson N. Holmbeck, Bonnie S. Essner, Renae Alvarez

Original Paper

“He Cursed, and I Got Angry:” Beliefs About Anger Among Adolescent Male Offenders in India

Vaishali V. Raval, Pratiksha H. Raval, Stephen P. Becker

Open Access Original Paper

Unique Roles of Mothering and Fathering in Child Anxiety; Moderation by Child’s Age and Gender

Marjolein Verhoeven, Susan M. Bögels, Corine C. van der Bruggen