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Journal of Child and Family Studies 12/2020
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 12/2020


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12-08-2020 | Original Paper

Parental Perspectives on Sexual Abuse Prevention: Barriers and Challenges
Jennifer A. Livingston, Kathleen P. Allen, Amanda B. Nickerson, Kelly A. O’Hern

08-10-2020 | Original Paper

A Basis for Comparison: The Congruence of Mother-Teacher Ratings of Externalizing Behavior as a Function of Family Size
Peter J. Castagna, Robert D. Laird, Matthew Calamia, Thompson E. Davis III

27-08-2020 | Original Paper

Positive Perceptions of Parenting and their Links to Theorized Core Emotional Needs
John P. Louis, Adam T. Davidson, George Lockwood, Alex Wood

27-08-2020 | Original Paper

Associations between Comparison on Social Media and Depressive Symptoms: A Study of Young Parents
Jaime E. Sidani, Ariel Shensa, César G. Escobar-Viera, Brian A. Primack

Open Access 11-09-2020 | Original Paper

An Evaluation of Parent Training Interventions in Scotland: The Psychology of Parenting Project (PoPP)
Rob Saunders, Marita Brack, Brenda Renz, Judy Thomson, Stephen Pilling

13-08-2020 | Original Paper

The Subjective Well-Being of Adolescent Canadians with Disabilities
Amber Savage, David McConnell, Eric Emerson, Gwynnyth Llewellyn

Open Access 29-08-2020 | Original Paper

Trajectories of Early Adolescent Loneliness: Implications for Physical Health and Sleep
Alice M. Eccles, Pamela Qualter, Margarita Panayiotou, Ruth Hurley, Michel Boivin, Richard E. Tremblay

02-10-2020 | Original Paper

Israeli Palestinian Adolescents’ Exposure to Community Violence and their Academic Achievements: The Indirect Effects of Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms and Parental Psychological Well-Being
Neveen Ali-Saleh Darawshy

12-09-2020 | Original Paper

A Contextual Approach to Inform a Mobile Health Application for Adolescent Health
Kim L. Larson, Sharon M. Ballard, Danny F. Ellis, Josh G. Peery, Julie E. Cary, Rebecca L. Levy, Taylor B. Nelson, Lauren B. Scroggs

16-09-2020 | Original Paper

The Differential Functions of Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies in Chinese Adolescents with Different Levels of Anxiety Problems in Hong Kong
Xiao Yu Zhuang, Daniel Fu Keung Wong, Ting Kin Ng, Janet Tsin Yee Leung, Paul Wai Ching Wong, Philip C. Kendall

18-08-2020 | Original Paper

Parent–Adolescent Conflict in Adolescents with ADHD: Rater Agreement and Associated Factors
An-Katrien Hulsbosch, Bianca E. Boyer, Saskia Van der Oord

18-10-2020 | Original Paper

Maternal Depression Trajectories Relate to Youths’ Psychosocial and Cognitive Functioning at Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Heekyung K. Chae, Patricia East, Jorge Delva, Betsy Lozoff, Sheila Gahagan

06-10-2020 | Original Paper

Shyness and Subjective Well-being in Chinese Adolescents: Self-efficacy Beliefs as Mediators
Caina Li, Yuan Wang, Meng Liu, Cuicui Sun, Ying Yang

08-07-2020 | Original Paper

Is it Race, Sex, Gender or All Three? Predicting Risk for Alcohol Consumption in Emerging Adulthood
Jeannette M. Wade

24-09-2020 | Original Paper

Family Functioning and Mental Health Changes Following a Family Therapy Intervention in Kenya: a Pilot Trial
Eve S. Puffer, Elsa Friis Healy, Eric P. Green, Ali M. Giusto, Bonnie N. Kaiser, Puja Patel, David Ayuku

17-10-2020 | Original Paper

Age-Specific Mechanism of the Effects of Family Based Interventions with African American Nonresident Fathers and Sons
Alvin Thomas, Shervin Assari, Maria Ines Susperreguy, DeLoney E. Hill, Cleopatra H. Caldwell

Open Access 12-10-2020 | Original Paper

Children’s Narratives of Family Life in Ghana: A Cultural Lens via Story Stems
Nadine M. Hosny, Adam Danquah, Katherine Berry, Ming Wai Wan

20-09-2020 | Original Paper

Positive Family Intervention for Children with ASD: Impact on Parents’ Cognitions and Stress
Robert Mueller, Lauren J. Moskowitz

24-09-2020 | Original Paper

Low-wage Work Conditions and Mother–Infant Interaction Quality Across the Transition to Parenthood
Rachel J. Herman, Maureen Perry-Jenkins

24-09-2020 | Original Paper

The Impact of Default Options for Parent Participation in an Early Language Intervention
Lisa A. Gennetian, Lerzan Z. Coskun, Joy L. Kennedy, Yana Kuchirko, J. Lawrence Aber

Open Access 15-10-2020 | Original Paper

Does Anger Expression Mediate the Relationship Between Parental Rejection and Direct and Indirect Forms of Non-suicidal Self-injury?
Annarosa Cipriano, Laurence Claes, Amarendra Gandhi, Stefania Cella, Paolo Cotrufo

30-09-2020 | Original Paper

Child ADHD Symptoms and Parent Involvement in Education
Julia A. Ogg, Maria A. Rogers, Robert J. Volpe

01-10-2020 | Review

Use of Videos and Digital Media in Parent-implemented Interventions for Parents of Children with Primary Speech Sound And/or Language Disorders: A Scoping Review
Monica L. Bellon-Harn, Lekeitha R. Morris, Vinaya Manchaiah, William E. Harn

02-10-2020 | Original Paper

Impact of a Father–Daughter Physical Activity Intervention: An Exploration of Fathers’ Experiences
Emma R. Pollock, Myles D. Young, David R. Lubans, Alyce T. Barnes, Narelle Eather, Julia E. Coffey, Vibeke Hansen, Philip J. Morgan

07-10-2020 | Original Paper

Do Parental Reflective Functioning and Parental Competence Affect The Socioemotional Adjustment Of Children?
Leire Gordo, Ana Martínez-Pampliega, Leire Iriarte Elejalde, Patrick Luyten

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