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Journal of Child and Family Studies 12/2019
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 12/2019


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24-08-2019 | Review Paper

A Systematic Literature Review of the ACT Raising Safe Kids Parenting Program
Luciana Barbalho Pontes, Aline Cardoso Siqueira, Lucia Cavalcanti de Albuquerque Williams

26-08-2019 | Review Paper

Predictors of Better Functioning among Institutionalized Youth: A Systematic Review
Anna W. Wright, Simron Richard, David W. Sosnowski, Wendy Kliewer

05-09-2019 | Review Paper

A Methodological Review of SafeCare®
Kate Guastaferro, John R. Lutzker

31-07-2019 | Original Paper

Exploring Emotional Intelligence and IQ as Predictors of Success of Foster Care Alumni
Tom D. Kennedy, Yuri Flach, David Detullio, Danielle H. Millen, Nicole Englebert, W. Alex Edmonds

27-07-2019 | Original Paper

Litigation and School Resource Officers
Paula E. Chan, Jennifer Counts, Antonis Katsiyannis, Joseph Ryan

18-07-2019 | Original Paper

High School Dropout: Association with Family Structure, Maternal Employment, and Health-risk Habits Among Female Mexican Adolescents
Francisco Vázquez-Nava, Eliza M. Vázquez-Rodríguez, Carlos F. Vázquez-Rodríguez, Nancy V. Ortega Betancourt

27-07-2019 | Original Paper

The Protective Influence of Parental Monitoring and Ideological Religiosity on Adolescents’ Hazardous Alcohol Use
Peter J. Jankowski, Byron L. Zamboanga

29-08-2019 | Invited Paper

The Exclusionary Discipline of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Students with and Without Disabilities: A Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) National Analysis
Denise K. Whitford, Nicholas A. Gage, Antonis Katsiyannis, Jennifer Counts, Luke J. Rapa, Anna McWhorter

27-07-2019 | Original Paper

Conflict between Parents and Adolescents with ADHD: Situational Triggers and the Role of Comorbidity
Alexis M. Garcia, Dassiell Medina, Margaret H. Sibley

31-07-2019 | Original Paper

The Effects of Maternal and Paternal Helicopter Parenting on the Self-determination and Well-being of Emerging Adults
Holly H. Schiffrin, Mindy J. Erchull, Erynn Sendrick, Jennaveve C. Yost, Victoria Power, Emily R. Saldanha

29-08-2019 | Invited Paper

Multi-Informant Assessments of Individual Differences in Adolescents’ Socio-Evaluative Fears: Clinical Correlates and Links to Arousal within Social Interactions
Sebastian Szollos, Lauren M. Keeley, Bridget A. Makol, Justin W. Weeks, Sarah J. Racz, Melanie F. Lipton, Tara M. Augenstein, Alexis M. Beale, Andres De Los Reyes

15-08-2019 | Original Paper

Solitude and Loneliness Profiles in Early Adolescents: A Person-Centred Approach
Paola Corsano, Valentina Grazia, Luisa Molinari

30-08-2019 | Original Paper

Factor Structure of the Social Communication Questionnaire in Preschool Aged Autistic Children
Rachel Grove, Jessica Paynter, Annette Joosten, Giacomo Vivanti, Cheryl Dissanayake, Valsamma Eapen

31-08-2019 | Original Paper

Young Children’s Embodied Experiences: A Classroom-Based Yoga Intervention
Roxanne N. Rashedi, Mil Wajanakunakorn, Christine J. Hu

11-09-2019 | Original Paper

The Assessment of the Attitudes and Behaviors about Physically Abused Children: A Survey of Mental Health Professionals
Amy J. L. Baker, Steven Miller, William Bernet, Trinae Adebayo

27-08-2019 | Original Paper

Emerging Adults’ Relationship with Caregivers and their Romantic Attachment: Quality Communication Helps
Anna Luerssen, Jacob Shane, Mia Budescu

30-08-2019 | Original Paper

Do Parental Behaviours Predict Anxiety Symptom Levels? A 3 Year Follow Up
Sonja Breinholst, Monika Anna Walczak, Barbara Hoff Esbjørn

04-09-2019 | Original Paper

Communicative Support and Parental Knowledge among African American Residential Fathers: Longitudinal Associations with Adolescent Substance Use
Shauna M. Cooper, Isha Metzger, Alexis Georgeson, Alexandrea R. Golden, Marketa Burnett, C. Nicole White

26-08-2019 | Original Paper

Children’s Self-Esteem and Problematic Smartphone Use: The Moderating Effect of Family Rituals
Daeun Kim, Kyung Eun Jahng

07-09-2019 | Original Paper

Parent Socialization of Positive and Negative Emotions: Implications for Emotional Functioning, Life Satisfaction, and Distress
Jyothi L. Ramakrishnan, Rula B. Garside, Madelyn H. Labella, Bonnie Klimes-Dougan

31-08-2019 | Original Paper

Examining Toddlers’ Problem Behaviors: The Role of SES, Parenting Stress, Perceived Support and Negative Intentionality
Gizem Arikan, Asiye Kumru, Beliz Korkut, Ali O. Ilhan

05-09-2019 | Original Paper

Bullying Victimization and Disability Status Are Associated with Television Watching in Adolescence
Kristen P. Kremer, Theodore R. Kremer

04-09-2019 | Original Paper

Maternal Work–Family Experiences: Longitudinal Influences on Child Mental Health through Inter-Parental Conflict
Andisheh Vahedi, Isabel Krug, Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Elizabeth M. Westrupp

02-09-2019 | Original Paper

The Mediating Role of Students’ Perception of Parental Behaviours between Parental Attachment and School Choice Exploration
Diego Boerchi, Giulio D’Urso, Ugo Pace

09-09-2019 | Original Paper

Intergenerational Transmission of Emotion Dysregulation: The Role of Authoritarian Parenting Style and Family Chronic Stress
Zoey A. Shaw, Lisa R. Starr

Open Access 10-09-2019 | Original Paper

Psychological Therapy for Postnatal Depression in UK Primary Care Mental Health Services: A Qualitative Investigation Using Framework Analysis
Holly Hadfield, Suzanne Glendenning, Penny Bee, Anja Wittkowski

Open Access 06-09-2019 | Original Paper

Safety and Risk Assessment in Child Welfare: A Reliability Study Using Multiple Measures
Annemiek Vial, Mark Assink, Geert Jan J. M. Stams, Claudia van der Put

07-09-2019 | Original Paper

The Prevalence and Associated Factors of Depression, Anxiety and Stress of First Year Undergraduate Students in a Public Higher Learning Institution in Malaysia
Nurul Syafika Amir Hamzah, Nik Daliana Nik Farid, Abqariyah Yahya, Caroline Chin, Tin Tin Su, Sanjay Rampal Lekhraj Rampal, Maznah Dahlui

07-09-2019 | Original Paper

Executive Functions in Children and Adolescents in Residential Care Under Protective Measures
Juan Manuel Moreno-Manso, María de la Rosa Murillo, Ma Elena García-Baamonde, Eloísa Guerrero-Barona, Marta Rodríguez-Jiménez

11-09-2019 | Original Paper

Mindfulness Skills and Psychological Inflexibility: Two Useful Tools for a Clinical Assessment for Adolescents with Internalizing Behaviors
Annalisa Oppo, Marta Schweiger, Arianna Ristallo, Giovambattista Presti, Francesca Pergolizzi, Paolo Moderato

04-10-2019 | Author Correction

Correction to: A Model of Parenting Risk and Resilience, Social–Emotional Readiness, and Reading Achievement in Kindergarten Children from Low-income Families
Sondra Smith-Adcock, Walter Leite, Yasemin Kaya, Ellen Amatea

14-10-2019 | Author Correction

Correction to: The Prevalence and Associated Factors of Depression, Anxiety and Stress of First Year Undergraduate Students in a Public Higher Learning Institution in Malaysia
Nurul Syafika Amir Hamzah, Nik Daliana Nik Farid, Abqariyah Yahya, Caroline Chin, Tin Tin Su, Sanjay Rampal Lekhraj Rampal, Maznah Dahlui