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Journal of Child and Family Studies 12/2017
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 12/2017


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16-10-2017 | Original Paper

The Effectiveness of Parenting Programs for Incarcerated Mothers: A Systematic Review
Monique D. Tremblay, Jessica E. Sutherland

25-07-2017 | Original Paper

Electronic Communication Use and Socio-Emotional Well-Being among Military Youth
Melissa A. Landers-Potts, Catherine Walker O’Neal, Jay A. Mancini

28-07-2017 | Original Paper

Parental Psychological Control and Peer Victimization among Chinese Adolescents: The Effect of Peer Pressure as a Mediator
Liping Sun, Lichan Liang, Yufang Bian

02-08-2017 | Original Paper

Toward Developing Laboratory-Based Parent–Adolescent Conflict Discussion Tasks that Consistently Elicit Adolescent Conflict-Related Stress Responses: Support from Physiology and Observed Behavior
Sarah A. Thomas, Tristan Wilson, Anjali Jain, Danielle E. Deros, Miji Um, Joanna Hurwitz, Irene Jacobs, Lindsay Myerberg, Katherine B. Ehrlich, Emily J. Dunn, Amelia Aldao, Ryan Stadnik, Andres De Los Reyes

17-08-2017 | Original Paper

Community Disadvantage and Academic Achievement among Hispanic Adolescents: The Role of Familism
Mellissa S. Gordon

21-06-2017 | Original Paper

Mothers’ Experiences of Parent-Reported and Video-Recorded Observational Assessments
Shannon K. Bennetts, Fiona K. Mensah, Julie Green, Naomi J. Hackworth, Elizabeth M. Westrupp, Sheena Reilly

22-08-2017 | Original Paper

Development of the Parent Emotion Regulation Scale (PERS): Factor Structure and Psychometric Qualities
Ana Isabel Pereira, Luísa Barros, Magda Sofia Roberto, Teresa Marques

28-08-2017 | Original Paper

Parenting Assessed by Observation versus Parent-report: Moderation by Parent Distress and Family Socioeconomic Status
Janette E. Herbers, Elisa B. Garcia, Jelena Obradović

22-08-2017 | Original Paper

General Attitudes Towards Marriage Scale: Psychometric Properties in Malaysian Adolescents of Divorced Families
Jia Yuin Fam, Siti Nor Yaacob, Rumaya Juhari, Zarinah Arshat, Firdaus Mukhtar

17-06-2017 | Original Paper

Associations of Parent-Adolescent Discrepancies in Family Cohesion and Conflict with Adolescent Impairment
Yingcheng Xu, Rhonda C. Boyd, Laura Butler, Tyler M. Moore, Tami D. Benton

Open Access 28-07-2017 | Original Paper

The Management of Disclosure in Children’s Accounts of Domestic Violence: Practices of Telling and Not Telling
Jane Elizabeth Mary Callaghan, Lisa Chiara Fellin, Stavroula Mavrou, Joanne Alexander, Judith Sixsmith

15-07-2017 | Original Paper

Generalizability in the Mediation Effects of Parental Expectations on Children’s Cognitive Ability and Self-concept
Sivanes Phillipson, Shane N. Phillipson

18-07-2017 | Original Paper

Parental Distress Tolerance in Three Periods of Child Development: The Moderating Role of Child Temperament
Alexandra E. Morford, Jeffrey T. Cookston, Melissa J. Hagan

15-07-2017 | Original Paper

Perceived Conflict Styles of Adult Children and their Parents: What Is the Connection?
Dean M. Busby, Lena Hsin-Yao Chiu

28-07-2017 | Original Paper

Children’s Post-Divorce Living Arrangements and School Engagement: Financial Resources, Parent–Child Relationship, Selectivity and Stress
Nele Havermans, Sofie Vanassche, Koen Matthijs

28-08-2017 | Original Paper

Gender Differences in Single Parents’ Living Arrangements and Child Care Time
Yoonjoo Lee, Sandra L. Hofferth

22-08-2017 | Original Paper

Effect of Child Gender on the Bidirectional Relationships between Parental Monitoring and Delinquent Behavior
Jeong Ah Yoo

31-08-2017 | Original Paper

Caregivers of School-aged Children with Autism: Social Media as a Source of Support
Laura Cole, Yasmin Kharwa, Nomfundo Khumalo, Jennifer S. Reinke, Saira B. S. Karrim

Open Access 31-07-2017 | Original Paper

Family Drawings before and after Treatment for Child Conduct Problems: Fluidity of Family Dysfunction
Lilian Kloft, David Hawes, Caroline Moul, Sonia Sultan, Mark Dadds

18-07-2017 | Original Paper

Caregivers’ Positive Emotional Expression and Children’s Psychological Functioning after Parental Loss
Britney M. Wardecker, Julie B. Kaplow, Christopher M. Layne, Robin S. Edelstein

15-07-2017 | Original Paper

Interparental Conflict and Chinese Adolescents’ Suicide Ideation and Suicide attempts: The Mediating Role of Peer Victimization
Ting Ai, Qihui Xu, Xian Li, Dongping Li

25-07-2017 | Original Paper

Emotional, Social and Cultural Experiences of Latino Children with ADHD Symptoms and their Families
Eva Angelina Araujo, Linda Pfiffner, Lauren Marie Haack

08-09-2017 | Original Paper

Different Mental Health-Related Symptoms, Different Decisions: A Survey of Pediatric Primary Care Providers
Anne E. Pidano, Lourdes P. Dale, Chelsea Dru Morgan, Kaitlyn L. Wilbur, Preeti Sandhu, Lisa Honigfeld

20-08-2017 | Original Paper

Child’s Number of Activities as a Moderator of Depressive Symptoms
Paige M. Ryan, Maysa M. Kaskas, Thompson E. Davis III, Franziska NoackLeSage, Megan E. Lilly, Peter Castagna, Georgia L. Shaheen

22-08-2017 | Original Paper

Interparental Conflict and Adolescents’ Relational Aggression and Loneliness: The Mediating Role of Maternal Psychological Control
Aylin Koçak, Athanasios Mouratidis, Melike Sayıl, Yeliz Kındap-Tepe, Zehra Uçanok

20-07-2017 | Original Paper

Parenting Style and Parent–Child Relationship: A Comparative Study of Indonesian Parents of Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Yulina Eva Riany, Monica Cuskelly, Pamela Meredith

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