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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 10/2015

Uitgave 10/2015

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05-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Sexual Assault Among College Students: Family of Origin Hostility, Attachment, and the Hook-Up Culture as Risk Factors

Tara E. Sutton, Leslie Gordon Simons

05-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Teachers Facilitating Support for Young Children Experiencing Parental Separation and Divorce

Linda Mahony, Kerryann Walsh, Joanne Lunn, Anne Petriwskyj

13-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Development and Preliminary Validation of a Parenting Self-Regulation Scale: “Me as a Parent”

Victoria Ellen Hamilton, Jan Margaret Matthews, Sharinne Bridget Crawford

11-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015 Open Access

The Influence of Parental Divorce on Educational Ambitions of 18/19 Year-Old Adolescents from Oslo, Norway

Henok Zeratsion, Cecilie B. Bjertness, Espen Bjertness, Madeleine Dalsklev, Ole R. Haavet, Jon A. Halvorsen, Lars Lien, Bjørgulf Claussen

09-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Male Cohabiting Partners as Primary Coparents in Low-Income Black Stepfamilies

Rex Forehand, Justin Parent, Andrew Golub, Megan Reid

07-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Non-Child-Related Family Stress, Parenting Styles, and Behavior Problems in School-Age Girls Adopted from China

Tony Xing Tan, Cheryl D. Gelley, Robert F. Dedrick

21-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Correlates and Mediators of Problem Behaviors Among Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in Rural China: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis

Qun Zhao, Xiaoming Li, Chunyan Gu, Junfeng Zhao, Guoxiang Zhao

11-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

The Relationship Between Parental Representations of Caregiving and Behavioral Problems Among Italian Adolescents

Renata Tambelli, Valentina Notari, Odorisio Flaminia, Fiorenzo Laghi

13-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Perceived Family Conflict Moderates the Relations of Adolescent Narcissism and CU Traits with Aggression

Rebecca L. Kauten, Joyce H. L. Lui, Hannah Doucette, Christopher T. Barry

09-01-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

The Moderating Effect of Positive Father Engagement and Accessibility on a School-Based System of Care Intervention for Mental Health Outcomes of Children

Stanley N. Bernard, Melissa Whitson, Joy Kaufman

13-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Female Adolescent Attitudes and Decision-Making Towards a Hypothetical Unplanned Pregnancy: An Exploratory Research

Maria G. Olivari, Chiara Ionio, Andrea Bonanomi, Emanuela Confalonieri

14-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

The Effect of Head Start on Parenting Outcomes for Children Living in Non-parental Care

Megan E. Pratt, Shannon T. Lipscomb, Sara A. Schmitt

18-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Intergenerational Transmission of Externalizing Behavior

Judith S. Brook, Elinor B. Balka, Chenshu Zhang, David W. Brook

12-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Emotional Reasoning in Acutely Traumatized Children and Adolescents: An Exploratory Study

Nina J. C. Verduijn, Manon J. B. Vincken, Cor M. G. Meesters, Iris M. Engelhard

14-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Predictors of Development of Vulnerable Children Receiving Child Welfare Services

Claire Chamberland, Carl Lacharité, Marie-Ève Clément, Danielle Lessard

17-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Change in Child Abuse Potential as a Predictor of Post-assessment Child Disruptive Behaviors After Participation in PACE

Amanda H. Costello, Angela D. Moreland, Lisa Jobe-Shields, Rochelle F. Hanson, Jean E. Dumas

18-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

The Intergenerational Transmission of Interpersonal Problems: An Exploration

Klaus Boehnke

21-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

How do Adolescents Benefit from Family Rituals? Links to Social Connectedness, Depression and Anxiety

Sara Malaquias, Carla Crespo, Rita Francisco

04-01-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Flexible Delivery Approaches to Couple Relationship Education: Predictors of Initial Engagement and Retention of Couples

Dean M. Busby, Jeffry H. Larson, Thomas B. Holman, W. Kim Halford

14-01-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Parent Training and Adolescent Social Functioning: A Brief Report

Lorraine C. Taylor, Kevin A. Leary, Alaina E. Boyle, Katelin E. Bigelow, Teague Henry, Melissa DeRosier

07-01-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Enabling School Engagement for Māori Families in New Zealand

Neresa Hall, Garry Hornby, Sonja Macfarlane

25-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Parental Bonding and Parental Alienation as Correlates of Psychological Maltreatment in Adults in Intact and Non-intact Families

Amy J. L. Baker, Maria Cristina Verrocchio

20-12-2014 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Family Functioning, Parental Monitoring and Adolescent Familiar Responsibility in Middle and Late Adolescence

Marina Everri, Tiziana Mancini, Laura Fruggeri

03-02-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Family Economic Stress, Quality of Paternal Relationship, and Depressive Symptoms Among African American Adolescent Fathers

Tenah K. A. Hunt, Cleopatra H. Caldwell, Shervin Assari

18-01-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Mother–Child Synchrony: Implications for Young Children’s Aggression and Social Competence

Cassandra Pasiak, Rosanne Menna

10-02-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Cultivating Mind: Mindfulness Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Problem Behaviours, and Their Mothers

Yoon-Suk Hwang, Patrick Kearney, Helen Klieve, Wayne Lang, Jacqueline Roberts

30-01-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Using Text Messaging to Improve Attendance and Completion in a Parent Training Program

Kantahyanee W. Murray, Kristen Woodruff, Catherine Moon, Carolyn Finney

30-01-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Improved Social Skills in Children with Developmental Delays After Parent Participation in MBSR: The Role of Parent–Child Relational Factors

Andrea C. Lewallen, Cameron L. Neece

23-01-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Parental Reactivity and the Link Between Parent and Child Anxiety Symptoms

Jessica L. Borelli, Hannah F. Rasmussen, H. Kate St. John, Jessica L. West, John C. Piacentini

21-01-2015 | Original Paper | Uitgave 10/2015

Parental Problem Drinking is Associated with Children’s Adrenocortical Reactivity to Stress

Peggy S. Keller, Douglas A. Granger, Joanne Tyler, Lauren R. Gilbert, Eric A. Haak, Shuang Bi

09-07-2015 | Book Review | Uitgave 10/2015

Mimi Baird: He Wanted the Moon: The Madness and Medical Genius of Dr. Perry Baird, and His Daughter’s Quest to Know Him

Crown Publishers, New York, 2015, 254 pp
Brandy Chaneb

23-07-2015 | Erratum | Uitgave 10/2015

Erratum to: Demographic, Economic, Household, and Health Profile of Grandparents Responsible for Grandchildren

Carlos Siordia

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