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Journal of Child and Family Studies 1/2018
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 1/2018


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09-10-2017 | Original Paper

Preventing and Treating Women’s Postpartum Depression: A Qualitative Systematic Review on Partner-Inclusive Interventions
Stephanie Alves, Alexandra Martins, Ana Fonseca, Maria Cristina Canavarro, Marco Pereira

15-09-2017 | Original Paper

The Effects of Sociocultural Pressures and Exercise Frequency on the Body Esteem of Adolescent Girls in Korea
Sukkyung You, Kyulee Shin, Eui Kyung Kim

05-09-2017 | Original Paper

Ecological Factors that Impact Adjustment Processes and Development of Ugandan Adolescent Immigrant Females
Emily Green, Kit Chesla, Yewoubdar Beyene, Susan Kools

08-09-2017 | Original Paper

School-aged Children’s Psychobiological Divergence as a Prospective Predictor of Health Risk Behaviors in Adolescence
Jessica L. Borelli, Leslie Ho, Lane Epps

19-09-2017 | Original Paper

Daily Peer Hassles and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Adolescence: Gender Differences in Avoidance-Focused Emotion Regulation Processes
Ana Xavier, Marina Cunha, José Pinto-Gouveia

06-10-2017 | Original Paper

The Impact of Social Media on Social Comparison and Envy in Teenagers: The Moderating Role of the Parent Comparing Children and In-group Competition among Friends
Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol

22-08-2017 | Original Paper

The Parental Reflective Functioning Questionnaire in Mothers and Fathers of School-Aged Children
Chiara Pazzagli, Elisa Delvecchio, Veronica Raspa, Claudia Mazzeschi, Patrick Luyten

14-10-2017 | Original Paper

Parent–Child Interaction in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Siblings: Choosing a Coding Strategy
Chloè Bontinck, Petra Warreyn, Mieke Meirsschaut, Herbert Roeyers

04-10-2017 | Original Paper

Validation of the Perceived Chinese Overparenting Scale in Emerging Adults in Hong Kong
Janet T. Y. Leung, Daniel T. L. Shek

24-08-2017 | Original Paper

Teacher and Parent Perceptions of Relational and Physical Aggression During Early Childhood
Cara S. Swit, Anne L. McMaugh, Wayne A. Warburton

23-08-2017 | Original Paper

Children's Adjustment in a Climate of Political Violence: Comparing Mother and Child Reports
Gali Tangir, Rachel Dekel, Tamar Lavi, Abigail H. Gewirtz, Osnat Zamir

28-08-2017 | Original Paper

Three-year Trajectories of Emotional Expressiveness among Maltreating Mothers: The Role of Life Changes
Helen M. Milojevich, Mary E. Haskett

27-09-2017 | Original Paper

Family Exploration: The Contribution of Stability and Change Processes
Ada Cigala, Tiziana Mancini, Elena Venturelli, Laura Fruggeri

02-09-2017 | Original Paper

The Impact of a Child’s Cancer on the Father’s Relationship with His Spouse in Korea
Min Ah Kim, Jaehee Yi, Jina Sang, Jen Molloy

02-09-2017 | Original Paper

Social Support, Economic Hardship and Psychological Distress in Spanish and Portuguese At-Risk Families
Lara Ayala-Nunes, Lucía Jiménez, Saul Jesus, Victoria Hidalgo

04-10-2017 | Original Paper

The Role of Reflective Functioning in Predicting Marital and Coparenting Quality
Allison Jessee, Sarah C. Mangelsdorf, Maria S. Wong, Sarah J. Schoppe-Sullivan, Aya Shigeto, Geoffrey L. Brown

27-09-2017 | Original Paper

Decision-Making by Children and Young People in the Home: The Nurture of Trust, Participation and Independence
Shirley Martin, Catherine Forde, Deirdre Horgan, Linda Mages

01-09-2017 | Original Paper

Parental Competency as a Mediator in the PACE Parenting Program’s Short and Long-term Effects on Parenting Stress
Carrie B. Jackson, Angela D. Moreland

15-09-2017 | Original Paper

Military Family Advocacy in the U.S. Army: Program Service Outcomes and Family Participation
Keith R. Aronson, Daniel F. Perkins, Nicole R. Morgan, Col Anthony Cox, Rene Robichaux

01-09-2017 | Original Paper

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Group CBT for Parents of ADHD Children
Daniel F. K. Wong, Ting Kin Ng, Priscilla S. Y. Ip, Mei Ling Chung, Joe Choi

01-09-2017 | Original Paper

Therapeutic Alliance, Perceived Treatment Barriers, and Therapeutic Change in the Treatment of Children with Conduct Problems
Alan E. Kazdin, Emily McWhinney

04-10-2017 | Original Paper

Patterns in Participation: Factors Influencing Parent Attendance at Two, Centre-Based Early Childhood Interventions
Steve M. Heath, Charles A. Wigley, John H. Hogben, Janet Fletcher, Peta Collins, Gemma L. Boyle, Stephanie Eustice

17-10-2017 | Original Paper

Parent Training and Skill Acquisition and Utilization Among Spanish- and English-Speaking Latino Families
Giovanni Ramos, Angela M. Blizzard, Nicole E. Barroso, Daniel M. Bagner

27-09-2017 | Original Paper

Effects of Triple P on Digital Technological Device Use in Preschool Children
Gonca Özyurt, Çağla Dinsever, Zehra Çalişkan, Derya Evgin

01-09-2017 | Original Paper

Parenting Style, Discipline, and Parental Psychopathology: Gender Dyadic Interactions in Emerging Adults
Cliff McKinney, Kimberly Brown, Mallory L. Malkin

27-09-2017 | Original Research

International Missions, Marital Relationships and Parenting in Military Families: An Exploratory Study
Andreia Bóia, Telma Marques, Rita Francisco, Maria Teresa Ribeiro, Renato Pessoa dos Santos

27-09-2017 | Original Paper

Correlates of Parent Involvement in Students’ Learning: Examination of a National Data Set
Donald P. Oswald, Hiba B. Zaidi, D. Scott Cheatham, Kayla G. Diggs Brody

04-10-2017 | Original Paper

Service Characteristics and Family Involvement in an Early Childhood System of Care
Robey B. Champine, Melissa L. Whitson, Joy S. Kaufman

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