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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 1/2011

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Original Paper

The Family Alliance Assessment Scales: Steps Toward Validity and Reliability of an Observational Assessment Tool for Early Family Interactions

Nicolas Favez, Chloé Lavanchy Scaiola, Hervé Tissot, Joëlle Darwiche, France Frascarolo

Original Paper

Black Boxing Restraints: The Need for Full Disclosure and Consent

Wanda K. Mohr, Michael A. Nunno

Original Paper

Use of Out-of-Home Care Among a Statewide Population of Children and Youth Enrolled in Medicaid

Jonathan D. Brown, Morris Hamilton, Brenda Natzke, Henry T. Ireys, Mathew Gillingham

Original Paper

Support Networks of Single Puerto Rican Mothers of Children with Disabilities

Vivian I. Correa, Zobeida E. Bonilla, Maria E. Reyes-MacPherson

Original Paper

The School Adjustment of Rural Adolescents with and Without Disabilities: Variable and Person-Centered Approaches

Thomas W. Farmer, Cristin M. Hall, Margaret P. Weiss, Robert A. Petrin, Judith L. Meece, Michele Moohr

Original Paper

Psychological Control Associated with Youth Adjustment and Risky Behavior in African American Single Mother Families

Carlye Kincaid, Deborah J. Jones, Jessica Cuellar, Michelle Gonzalez

Original Paper

Adolescents’ Perceptions of Family Connectedness, Intrinsic Religiosity, and Depressed Mood

Benjamin J. Houltberg, Carolyn S. Henry, Michael J. Merten, Linda C. Robinson

Original Paper

Risky Behavior in Affluent Youth: Examining the Co-occurrence and Consequences of Multiple Problem Behaviors

Sarah Jensen Racz, Robert J. McMahon, Suniya S. Luthar