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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 1/2001

Uitgave 1/2001

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01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

Reading Level and Readability of Patient Education Materials in Mental Health

Angela D. Adkins, Nirbhay N. Singh

01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

The Relevance of Sociocultural Theory to Culturally Diverse Partnerships and Communities

Levan Lim, Peter Renshaw

01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

Two Case Studies of Community Schools Serving Latino and Southeast Asian Children

Andrea G. Zetlin, Cecilia Ramos, Anthony Chee

01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

Maltreated Children's Emotional and Behavioral Problems: Do Teachers and Parents See the Same Things?

Rex E. Culp, Christina S. Howell, Anne McDonald Culp, Maureen Blankemeyer

01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

Attachment Relationships as Predictors of Cognitive Interpretation and Response Bias in Late Adolescence

Paula M. Barrett, Jane Holmes

01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

The Siblings of Individuals with Mental Retardation: A Quantitative Integration of the Literature

Lucille Rossiter, Donald Sharpe

01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

Youth Functioning and Experiences in Inner-City After-School Programs Among Age, Gender, and Race Groups

Jennifer G. Roffman, Maria E. Pagano, Barton J. Hirsch

01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

Use of Services Prior to and Following Intensive Family Preservation Services

Marlys M. Staudt

01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

Resilience and Family Psychosocial Processes Among Children of Parents with Serious Mental Disorders

Jacob Kraemer Tebes, Joy S. Kaufman, Jean Adnopoz, Gary Racusin

01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

Book Review: Does Family Preservation Serve a Child's Best Interests? By Howard Altstein and Ruth McRoy. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press. 2000.

Maia M. King

01-03-2001 | Uitgave 1/2001

Book Review: Understanding and Treating Violent Psychiatric Patients. Edited by Martha L. Crowner. Washington, D.C.: American Psychiatric Press, Inc. 2000.

Ashvind N. Singh

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