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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 6/2021

Uitgave 6/2021

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14-06-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on physical and mental health in the two largest economies in the world: a comparison between the United States and China

Cuiyan Wang, Connor Tripp, Samuel F. Sears, Linkang Xu, Yilin Tan, Danqing Zhou, Wenfang Ma, Ziqi Xu, Natalie A. Chan, Cyrus Ho, Roger Ho

22-06-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Anticipatory racism stress, smoking and disease activity: the Black women’s experiences living with lupus (BeWELL) study

Erica C. Spears, Amani M. Allen, Kara W. Chung, Connor D. Martz, Evelyn A. Hunter, Thomas E. Fuller-Rowell, S. Sam Lim, Christina Drenkard, David H. Chae

29-06-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Smoking among adult congenital heart disease survivors in the United States: Prevalence and relationship with illness perceptions

Kristen R. Fox, Rose Y. Hardy, Philip Moons, Adrienne H. Kovacs, Koen Luyckx, Silke Apers, Stephen C. Cook, Gruschen Veldtman, Susan M. Fernandes, Kamila White, Shelby Kutty, Jamie L. Jackson, on behalf of the APPROACH-IS Consortium and the International Society for Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ISACHD)

16-05-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Factors associated with barriers to engagement in HIV-prevention care among sexual minority men

Audrey Harkness, Sierra A. Bainter, Noelle A. Mendez, Daniel Hernandez Altamirano, Conall O’Cleirigh, Matthew J. Mimiaga, Kenneth H. Mayer, Steven A. Safren

07-07-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Exercise as a smoking cessation treatment for women: a randomized controlled trial

Shira Dunsiger, Jessica A. Emerson, Michael Ussher, Bess H. Marcus, Robert Miranda Jr, Peter M. Monti, David M. Williams

06-08-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Effects of social support in an academic context on low-grade inflammation in high school students

Edith Chen, Régine Debrosse, Paula J. Ham, Lauren C. Hoffer, Adam K. K. Leigh, Mesmin Destin

09-06-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Sleep and neighborhood socioeconomic status: a micro longitudinal study of chronic low-back pain and pain-free individuals

Deanna D. Rumble, Katherine O’Neal, Demario S. Overstreet, Terence M. Penn, Pamela Jackson, Edwin N. Aroke, Andrew M. Sims, Annabel L. King, Fariha N. Hasan, Tammie L. Quinn, D. Leann Long, Robert E. Sorge, Burel R. Goodin

18-05-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Psychological and behavioral pathways between perceived stress and weight change in a behavioral weight loss intervention

Kristine Molina, Monica L. Baskin, Dustin Long, Tiffany L. Carson

03-06-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Non-fatal gun violence and community health behaviors: A neighborhood analysis in Philadelphia

Daniel C. Semenza, Richard Stansfield

23-07-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Intervention mediating effects of self-efficacy on patient physical and psychological health following ICD implantation

Ana C. S. Liberato, Elaine A. Thompson, Cynthia M. Dougherty

23-06-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Impact of income and perceived stress on engagement and weight loss outcomes in an online behavioral weight loss program

Kristen Volz, Emily Wyckoff, Tania Heudo Medina, Zeely Denmat, Christiana Field, Jessica LaRose, Amy Gorin, Tricia Leahey

13-05-2021 | Brief Report | Uitgave 6/2021 Open Access

Dyadic concordance and associations of beliefs with intentions to learn carrier results from genomic sequencing

Chloe O. Huelsnitz, Erin Turbitt, Jennifer M. Taber, Katie L. Lewis, Leslie G. Biesecker, Barbara B. Biesecker, William M. P. Klein

23-07-2021 | Uitgave 6/2021

Why some parents made firearms more accessible during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic: results from a national study

Rebeccah L. Sokol, Lea Marineau, Marc A. Zimmerman, Laney A. Rupp, Rebecca M. Cunningham, Patrick M. Carter

09-07-2021 | Brief Report | Uitgave 6/2021

Firearm purchasing during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in households with teens: a national study

Rebeccah L. Sokol, Marc A. Zimmerman, Laney Rupp, Justin E. Heinze, Rebecca M. Cunningham, Patrick M. Carter

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