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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 6/2020

Uitgave 6/2020

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14-02-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Impact of weight loss interventions on patient-reported outcomes in overweight and obese adults with type 2 diabetes: a systematic review

Jordan Martenstyn, Madeleine King, Claudia Rutherford

23-01-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

The separation in coordination between social- and self-regulation for emerging adults with type 1 diabetes

A. K. Munion, Jonathan E. Butner, Caitlin S. Kelly, Deborah J. Wiebe, Sara L. Turner, Amy Hughes Lansing, Cynthia A. Berg

31-01-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020 Open Access

Maternal practices and perceptions of child body mass status explain child energy expenditure behaviors and body mass

Monika Boberska, Karolina Zarychta, Nina Knoll, Jan Keller, Diana Hilda Hohl, Karolina Horodyska, Magdalena Kruk, Aleksandra Luszczynska

17-04-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Associations between naturalistically assessed physical activity patterns, affect, and eating in youth with overweight and obesity

Kathryn E. Smith, Alissa Haedt-Matt, Tyler B. Mason, Shirlene Wang, Chih-Hsiang Yang, Jessica L. Unick, Dale Bond, Andrea B. Goldschmidt

16-03-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Perceived racism, affectivity, and C-reactive protein in healthy African Americans: Do religiosity and racial identity provide complementary protection?

Caroline E. Drolet, Todd Lucas

26-03-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020 Open Access

‘Having come to university my care was very much in my hands’: exploration of university students’ perceptions of health care needs and services using the common-sense model of self-regulation

Rayna Rogowsky, Anita Laidlaw, Gozde Ozakinci

25-05-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Examining the effectiveness of pain rehabilitation on chronic pain and post-traumatic symptoms

Wesley P. Gilliam, Matthew E. Schumann, Julia R. Craner, Julie L. Cunningham, Eleshia J. Morrison, Shawna Seibel, Craig Sawchuk, Jeannie A. Sperry

14-04-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Implementation, feasibility, and acceptability of quality of life therapy to improve positive emotions among patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators

Allison J. Carroll, Lillian M. Christon, James R. Rodrigue, Joseph L. Fava, Michael B. Frisch, Eva R. Serber

18-02-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Social support moderates D-dimer and self-rated successful aging within people with HIV and older adults

Ni Sun-Suslow, Elizabeth Pasipanodya, Erin Morgan, Maulika Kohli, Vanessa Serrano, Scott Letendre, Dilip V. Jeste, David J. Moore

22-04-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Testing the cross-stressor hypothesis under real-world conditions: exercise as a moderator of the association between momentary anxiety and cardiovascular responses

Ipek Ensari, Joseph E. Schwartz, Donald Edmondson, Andrea T. Duran, Daichi Shimbo, Keith M. Diaz

22-04-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Psychosocial factors and multiple health risk behaviors among early adolescents: a latent profile analysis

Christopher M. Warren, Afton Kechter, Georgia Christodoulou, Christopher Cappelli, Mary Ann Pentz

26-05-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Associations of leisure screen time with cardiometabolic biomarkers in college-aged adults

Chantal A. Vella, Katrina Taylor, Megan C. Nelson

02-05-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Connecting the dots: a comparison of network analysis and exploratory factor analysis to examine psychosocial syndemic indicators among HIV-negative sexual minority men

J. S. Lee, S. A. Bainter, A. W. Carrico, T. R. Glynn, B. G. Rogers, C. Albright, C. O’Cleirigh, K. H. Mayer, S. A. Safren

03-04-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Physical discomfort intolerance as a predictor of weight loss and physical activity in a lifestyle modification program

Mary K. Martinelli, Kathryn M. Godfrey, Monica Martinez, Evan M. Forman, Meghan L. Butryn

02-05-2020 | Uitgave 6/2020

Are pre-pregnancy weight fluctuations and adherence to prenatal nutrition and exercise recommendations related to excessive gestational weight gain?

Taniya S. Nagpal, Harry Prapavessis, Christina G. Campbell, Barbra de Vrijer, Isabelle Giroux, Michelle F. Mottola

08-05-2020 | Brief Report | Uitgave 6/2020

The benefits of daily exercise on blood glucose levels and affect among adults with type 1 diabetes

Eunjin Lee Tracy, Cynthia A. Berg, Robert G. Kent de Grey, Nancy A. Allen, Michelle L. Litchman, Jonathan Butner, Vicki S. Helgeson

28-05-2020 | Brief Report | Uitgave 6/2020

Mindfulness moderates daily stress and comfort food snacking linkages: a multilevel examination

Lucy Finkelstein-Fox, Katherine E. Gnall, Crystal L. Park

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