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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 6/2017

Uitgave 6/2017

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28-04-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Greater ability to express positive emotion is associated with lower projected cardiovascular disease risk

Natalie L. Tuck, Kathryn S. Adams, Sarah D. Pressman, Nathan S. Consedine

12-05-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Delay discounting and parental monitoring in adolescents with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes

Amy Hughes Lansing, Catherine Stanger, Rebecca Crochiere, Ann Carracher, Alan Budney

20-05-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Chronic and episodic stress predict physical symptom bother following breast cancer diagnosis

Lauren N. Harris, Margaret R. Bauer, Joshua F. Wiley, Constance Hammen, Jennifer L. Krull, Catherine M. Crespi, Karen L. Weihs, Annette L. Stanton

27-04-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Anxiety sensitivity predicts increased perceived exertion during a 1-mile walk test among treatment-seeking smokers

Samantha G. Farris, Lisa A. Uebelacker, Richard A. Brown, Lawrence H. Price, Julie Desaulniers, Ana M. Abrantes

22-04-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

The effect of resilience on task persistence and performance during repeated exposure to heat pain

P. Maxwell Slepian, Christopher R. France

15-05-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Spiritual well-being, religious activity, and the metabolic syndrome: results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos Sociocultural Ancillary Study

Carrie E. Brintz, Orit Birnbaum-Weitzman, Maria M. Llabre, Sheila F. Castañeda, Martha L. Daviglus, Linda C. Gallo, Aida L. Giachello, Ryung S. Kim, Lenny Lopez, Yanping Teng, Frank J. Penedo

17-05-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Denial of a sleep deprivation message: situational and dispositional influences on message rejection

Suzanne C. Thompson, Haley W. Marber, Laeesha N. Cornejo, Bryn M. Launer, Kimberly Ona Ayala

23-06-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

The role of perceived sleep norms in subjective sleep appraisals and sleep-related illness behavior

Mazheruddin M. Mulla, Jerome A. Lewis, James C. Hamilton, Joshua Tutek, Sarah E. Emert, Tricia H. Witte, Kenneth L. Lichstein

31-05-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017 Open Access

Social support, stress coping strategies, resilience and posttraumatic growth in a Polish sample of HIV-infected individuals: results of a 1 year longitudinal study

Marcin Rzeszutek, Włodzimierz Oniszczenko, Ewa Firląg-Burkacka

21-06-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Depressive symptoms in patients with obstructive sleep apnea: biological mechanistic pathways

Diana A. Chirinos, Indira Gurubhagavatula, Preston Broderick, Julio A. Chirinos, Karen Teff, Thomas Wadden, Greg Maislin, Hassam Saif, Jesse Chittams, Caitlin Cassidy, Alexandra L. Hanlon, Allan I. Pack

07-06-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Drinking and exercise behaviors among college students: between and within-person associations

Ana M. Abrantes, Matthew D. Scalco, Sara O’Donnell, Haruka Minami, Jennifer P. Read

19-06-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Stationary cycling exergame use among inactive children in the family home: a randomized trial

Ryan E. Rhodes, Chris M. Blanchard, Shannon S. D. Bredin, Mark R. Beauchamp, Ralph Maddison, Darren E. R. Warburton

21-06-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Time to selected quit date and subsequent rates of sustained smoking abstinence

George L. Anesi, Scott D. Halpern, Michael O. Harhay, Kevin G. Volpp, Kathryn Saulsgiver

19-06-2017 | Uitgave 6/2017

Experiencing is believing: prior experience moderates the impact of self-based and socially-based cues in the context of blood donation

Lindsay Roberts, Jason P. Rose, Erin A. Vogel

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