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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 5/2014

Inhoudsopgave (20 Artikelen)

Financial motivation undermines potential enjoyment in an intensive diet and activity intervention

Arlen C. Moller, Joanna Buscemi, H. Gene McFadden, Donald Hedeker, Bonnie Spring

The interplay between partners’ responsiveness and patients’ need for emotional expression in couples coping with cancer

Meirav Dagan, Robbert Sanderman, Christiaan Hoff, W. J. H. Jeroen Meijerink, Peter C. Baas, Michiel van Haastert, Mariët Hagedoorn

The long-term implications of war captivity for mortality and health

Zahava Solomon, Talya Greene, Tsachi Ein-Dor, Gadi Zerach, Yael Benyamini, Avi Ohry

“My doctor has changed my pills without telling me”: impact of generic medication switches in stroke survivors

Julie A. Chambers, Ronan E. O’Carroll, Martin Dennis, Cathie Sudlow, Marie Johnston

Biopsychosocial factors associated with pain in veterans with the hepatitis C virus

Benjamin J. Morasco, Travis I. Lovejoy, Dennis C. Turk, Aysha Crain, Peter Hauser, Steven K. Dobscha

Added benefits: reduced depressive symptom levels among African-American female adolescents participating in an HIV prevention intervention

Jennifer L. Brown, Jessica M. Sales, Andrea L. Swartzendruber, Michael D. Eriksen, Ralph J. DiClemente, Eve S. Rose

The role of companionship, esteem, and informational support in explaining physical activity among young women in an online social network intervention

David N. Cavallo, Jane D. Brown, Deborah F. Tate, Robert F. DeVellis, Catherine Zimmer, Alice S. Ammerman

Quality of life and predictors of long-term outcome after severe burn injury

Babette Renneberg, Sabine Ripper, Julian Schulze, Annika Seehausen, Matthias Weiler, Gerhard Wind, Bernd Hartmann, Günter Germann, Alexandra Liedl

Changes in risk perception following a smoking cessation intervention: the role of acculturation in a sample of Latino caregivers

Theodore L. Wagener, Andrew M. Busch, Shira I. Dunsiger, Karl S. Chiang, Belinda Borrelli

Food insecurity and antiretroviral adherence among HIV positive adults who drink alcohol

Seth C. Kalichman, Tamar Grebler, Christina M. Amaral, Megan McKerney, Denise White, Moira O. Kalichman, Chauncey Cherry, Lisa Eaton

HIV testing in an ethnically diverse sample of American university students: associations with violence/abuse and covariates

Anthony S. DiStefano, Jasmeet K. Gill, Randolph D. Hubach, Reggie T. Cayetano, Cary J. Hilbert