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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 5/2012

Uitgave 5/2012

Inhoudsopgave ( 10 Artikelen )

01-10-2012 | Uitgave 5/2012

Day-to-day discrimination and health among Asian Indians: A population-based study of Gujarati men and women in Metropolitan Detroit

Mieko Yoshihama, Deborah Bybee, Juliane Blazevski

01-10-2012 | Uitgave 5/2012

Barriers to quitting smoking among medically ill smokers

Kristin Gregor, Belinda Borrelli

01-10-2012 | Uitgave 5/2012

Directive support, nondirective support, and health behaviors in a community sample

Diana W. Stewart, Jeanne M. Gabriele, Edwin B. Fisher

01-10-2012 | Uitgave 5/2012

Associations between hurtful weight-related comments by family and significant other and the development of disordered eating behaviors in young adults

Marla E. Eisenberg, Jerica M. Berge, Jayne A. Fulkerson, Dianne Neumark-Sztainer

01-10-2012 | Uitgave 5/2012 Open Access

Does action planning moderate the intention-habit interaction in the exercise domain? A three-way interaction analysis investigation

Gert-Jan de Bruijn, Ryan E. Rhodes, Liesbeth van Osch

01-10-2012 | Uitgave 5/2012

Psychosocial correlates of HIV-monoinfection and HIV/HCV-coinfection among men who have sex with men

David W. Pantalone, Danielle M. Hessler, Sarah M. Bankoff, Brijen J. Shah

01-10-2012 | Uitgave 5/2012

Will it hurt less if I believe I can control it? Influence of actual and perceived control on perceived pain intensity in healthy male individuals: a randomized controlled study

Matthias J. Müller

01-10-2012 | Review | Uitgave 5/2012 Open Access

The impact of emotional well-being on long-term recovery and survival in physical illness: a meta-analysis

Sanne M. A. Lamers, Linda Bolier, Gerben J. Westerhof, Filip Smit, Ernst T. Bohlmeijer

01-10-2012 | Uitgave 5/2012

Risk factors for missed HIV primary care visits among men who have sex with men

Lara Traeger, Conall O’Cleirigh, Margie R. Skeer, Kenneth H. Mayer, Steven A. Safren

01-10-2012 | Uitgave 5/2012

The benefits of cognitive training after a coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Emilie de Tournay-Jetté, Gilles Dupuis, André Denault, Raymond Cartier, Louis Bherer

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