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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 4/2005

Inhoudsopgave (9 Artikelen)

Original Article

Effect of Treatment Success and Empathy on Surgeon Attributions for Back Surgery Outcomes

Raymond C. Tait, John T. Chibnall, Angela Luebbert, Christian Sutter

Original Article

Self-Blame and Distress Among Women with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer

Kymberley K. Bennett, Bruce E. Compas, Ellen Beckjord, Judith G. Glinder

Original Article

Stress and Quitting Among African American Smokers

Brian K. Manning, Delwyn Catley, Kari Jo Harris, Matthew S. Mayo, Jasjit S. Ahluwalia

Original Article

Triggers of Heavier and Lighter Cigarette Smoking in College Students

Rebecca A. Krukowski, Laura J. Solomon, Shelly Naud

Original Article

Psychosocial Predictors of Health Status Revisited

Marcelline Fusilier, Michael R. Manning

Religious Struggle and Religious Comfort in Response to Illness: Health Outcomes among Stem Cell Transplant Patients

Allen C. Sherman, Stephanie Simonton, Umaira Latif, Rebecca Spohn, Guido Tricot

Depressive Symptoms Among Older Adults: Long-Term Reduction After a Physical Activity Intervention

Robert W. Motl, James F. Konopack, Edward McAuley, Steriani Elavsky, Gerald J. Jerome, David X. Marquez

Original Article

Minor Life Events as Predictors of Medical Utilization in Low Income African American Family Practice Patients

Phillip J. Brantley, Gareth R. Dutton, Karen B. Grothe, Jamie S. Bodenlos, John Howe, Glenn N. Jones