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Journal of Behavioral Medicine 3/2020
Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 3/2020


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25-04-2020 | Special Commentary

Social and behavioral health responses to COVID-19: lessons learned from four decades of an HIV pandemic
Lisa A. Eaton, Seth C. Kalichman


Psychological and neighborhood factors associated with urban women’s preventive care use
Cindy B. Veldhuis, Pauline Maki, Kristine Molina


Daily physical activity and alcohol use among young adults
Craig E. Henderson, John M. Manning, Cindy M. Davis, David E. Conroy, M. Lee Van Horn, Kim Henry, Tessa Long, Lauren Ryan, Jennifer Boland, Elise Yenne, Maddison Schiafo, Jennifer Waldo, Cody Sze


Disgust propensity has a causal link to the stigmatization of people with cancer
Haffiezhah A. Azlan, Paul G. Overton, Jane Simpson, Philip A. Powell


Consistent self-monitoring in a commercial app-based intervention for weight loss: results from a randomized trial
Michele L. Patel, Taylor L. Brooks, Gary G. Bennett


Partner presence in the emergency department and adherence to daily cardiovascular medications in patients evaluated for acute coronary syndrome
Talea Cornelius, Jeffrey L. Birk, Kyle Bourassa, Redeana C. Umland, Ian M. Kronish


Emotional disclosure and cognitive processing in couples coping with head and neck cancer
Jafar Bakhshaie, Mark Bonnen, Joshua Asper, Vlad Sandulache, Hoda Badr


Diabetes stress and health: Is aging a strength or a vulnerability?
Vicki S. Helgeson, Meredith Van Vleet, Melissa Zajdel


Religious beliefs and well-being and distress in congestive heart failure patients
Lauren M. Carney, Crystal L. Park, Ian A. Gutierrez


Parental stress, anxiety and trait mindfulness: associations with parent–child mealtime interactions in children with type 1 diabetes
Cynthia Van Gampelaere, Koen Luyckx, Eveline R. Goethals, Saskia van der Straaten, Jolien Laridaen, Kristina Casteels, Jesse Vanbesien, Sylvia Depoorter, Daniel Klink, Martine Cools, Liesbet Goubert


A national study of gender and racial differences in colorectal cancer screening among foreign-born older adults living in the US
Leslie E. Cofie, Jacqueline M. Hirth, Adolfo G. Cuevas, Deeonna Farr


The benefits of expressive writing among newly diagnosed mainland Chinese breast cancer patients
Li-li Ji, Qian Lu, Li-juan Wang, Xiang-lian Sun, Hui-dong Wang, Bing-xue Han, Yu-feng Ma, Guo-hua Lu


Pain and emotional eating: further investigation of the Yale Emotional Overeating Questionnaire in weight loss seeking patients
Robin M. Masheb, Megan E. Douglas, Amanda M. Kutz, Alison G. Marsh, Mary Driscoll


Adherence to low-calorie and low-sugar diets is uniquely associated with distinct facets of appearance/weight-related smoking motivations
Kathryn A. Coniglio, Rachel Rosen, Emily K. Burr, Samantha G. Farris


Proactive outreach tobacco treatment for socioeconomically disadvantaged smokers with serious mental illness
Patrick J. Hammett, Harry A. Lando, Darin J. Erickson, Rachel Widome, Brent C. Taylor, David Nelson, Sandra J. Japuntich, Steven S. Fu

31-05-2019 | Brief Report

Do treatment effects of a web-based cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia intervention differ for users with and without pain interference? A secondary data analysis
Kelly M. Shaffer, Fabian Camacho, Holly R. Lord, Philip I. Chow, Tonya Palermo, Emily Law, Frances P. Thorndike, Karen S. Ingersoll, Lee M. Ritterband

30-08-2019 | Brief Report

Offering male endoscopists as decoy option to nudge disinclined women to have colorectal cancer screening
S. T. Stoffel, R. S. Kerrison, I. Vlaev, C. von Wagner

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