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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 3/2011

Inhoudsopgave (8 Artikelen)

Perceived risk for cancer in an urban sexual minority

Jack E. Burkhalter, Jennifer L. Hay, Elliot Coups, Barbara Warren, Yuelin Li, Jamie S. Ostroff

Utility of the NEO-FFI in multi-dimensional assessment of orofacial pain conditions

John E. Schmidt, W. Michael Hooten, Charles R. Carlson

Gender differences in satisfaction with life in patients with coronary heart disease: physical activity as a possible mediating factor

Lisa A. McDonnell, Dana L. Riley, Chris M. Blanchard, Robert D. Reid, Andrew L. Pipe, Louise I. Morrin, Louise J. Beaton, Sophia Papadakis, Monika E. Slovinec D’Angelo

Placebo expectations and the detection of somatic information

Andrew L. Geers, Justin A. Wellman, Stephanie L. Fowler, Heather M. Rasinski, Suzanne G. Helfer

Judging pain and disability: effects of pain severity and physician specialty

Raymond C. Tait, John T. Chibnall, Laura Miller, Chas A. Werner

Correlates of unrealistic risk beliefs in a nationally representative sample

Erika A. Waters, William M. P. Klein, Richard P. Moser, Mandi Yu, William R. Waldron, Timothy S. McNeel, Andrew N. Freedman