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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2/2002

Uitgave 2/2002

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01-04-2002 | Uitgave 2/2002

Fatigue Severity, Attributions, Medical Utilization, and Symptoms in Persons with Chronic Fatigue

Susan R. Torres-Harding, Leonard A. Jason, Renee R. Taylor

01-04-2002 | Uitgave 2/2002

Expressions of Holocaust Experience and Their Relationship to Mental Symptoms and Physical Morbidity Among Holocaust Survivor Patients

Dov Shmotkin, Y. Michael Barilan

01-04-2002 | Uitgave 2/2002

Clinical Significance and Predictors of Treatment Response to Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Insomnia Secondary to Chronic Pain

Shawn R. Currie, Keith G. Wilson, Dorothyann Curran

01-04-2002 | Uitgave 2/2002

The Fear of Pain Questionnaire-III: Further Reliability and Validity with Nonclinical Samples

Augustine Osman, Joseph L. Breitenstein, Francisco X. Barrios, Peter M. Gutierrez, Beverly A. Kopper

01-04-2002 | Uitgave 2/2002

The PedsQLTM 4.0 Generic Core Scales: Sensitivity, Responsiveness, and Impact on Clinical Decision-Making

James W. Varni, Michael Seid, Tara Smith Knight, Karen Uzark, Ilona S. Szer

01-04-2002 | Uitgave 2/2002

Effects of a Detailed Sexual Behavior Interview on Perceived Risk of HIV Infection: Preliminary Experimental Analysis in a High Risk Sample

Lance S. Weinhardt

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