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Journal of Behavioral Medicine 1/2022
Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 1/2022


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Physical activity outcomes from a randomized trial of a theory- and technology-enhanced intervention for Latinas: the Seamos Activas II study
Bess H. Marcus, Shira Dunsiger, Dorothy Pekmezi, Tanya Benitez, Britta Larsen, Dawn Meyer


Day-to-day associations between sleep and physical activity: a set of person-specific analyses in adults with overweight and obesity
Guillaume Chevance, Dario Baretta, Ahmed Jérôme Romain, Job G. Godino, Paquito Bernard


Changes in family involvement occasioned by FAMS mobile health intervention mediate changes in glycemic control over 12 months
McKenzie K. Roddy, Lyndsay A. Nelson, Robert A. Greevy, Lindsay S. Mayberry

Open Access 27-08-2021

Predictors of physical activity behavior change based on the current stage of change—an analysis of young people from Hawai’i
Eliane S. Engels, Claudio R. Nigg, Anne K. Reimers

Open Access 06-08-2021

Stable and momentary psychosocial correlates of everyday smoking: An application of Temporal Self-Regulation Theory
Christopher M. Jones, Benjamin Schüz

Open Access 09-08-2021

Use of digital health technologies to examine subjective and objective sleep with next-day cognition and daily indicators of health in persons with and without HIV
Ni Sun-Suslow, Laura M. Campbell, Bin Tang, Arin C. Fisher, Ellen Lee, Emily W. Paolillo, Anne Heaton, Raeanne C. Moore


Effects of mental simulation of future waterpipe tobacco smoking on attitudes, perceived harms and intended use among young adults
Isaac M. Lipkus, Darren Mays, Paschal Sheeran, Wei Pan, Linda D. Cameron, Felipe De Brigard


Association of positive psychobehavioral factors and structural disadvantage with condomless sex in men who have sex men with childhood sexual abuse histories
Calvin Fitch, Caleigh Shepard, Jacklyn Foley, Gail Ironson, Steven Safren, Adam Carrico, Allan Rodriguez, Conall O’Cleirigh


The role of future-oriented affect in engagement with genomic testing results
Arielle S. Gillman, Irina A. Iles, William M. P. Klein, Barbara B. Biesecker, Katie L. Lewis, Leslie G. Biesecker, Rebecca A. Ferrer

Open Access 27-08-2021

Prediction of all-cause mortality from 24 month trajectories in patient-reported psychological, clinical and quality of life outcomes in uveal melanoma patients
Stephen L. Brown, Peter L. Fisher, Laura Hope-Stone, Heinrich Heimann, Rumana Hussain, M. Gemma Cherry


Longitudinal effects of cigarette pictorial warning labels among young adults
Andrea C. Johnson, Samuel J. Simmens, Monique M. Turner, W. Douglas Evans, Andrew A. Strasser, Darren Mays

Open Access 27-08-2021

A feasibility trial of a digital mindfulness-based intervention to improve asthma-related quality of life for primary care patients with asthma
Ben Ainsworth, Sabina Stanescu, Beth Stuart, Daniel Russell, Megan Liddiard, Ratko Djukanovic, Mike Thomas


Daily adherence variability and psychosocial differences in adolescents with asthma: a pilot study
Rachel Sweenie, Christopher C. Cushing, Kandace K. Fleming, Sreekala Prabhakaran, David A. Fedele

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