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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Journal of Behavioral Medicine 1/1998

Uitgave 1/1998

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01-02-1998 | Uitgave 1/1998

Off-Treatment Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Controlled Comparison

Michael A. Andrykowski, Shelly L. Curran, Robin Lightner

01-02-1998 | Uitgave 1/1998

Coping with Chronic Pain: Sources of Intrinsic and Contextual Variability

Diane M. Novy, David V. Nelson, Roderick D. Hetzel, Paula Squitieri, Mary Kennington

01-02-1998 | Uitgave 1/1998

Health Status in Sickle Cell Disease: Examining the Roles of Pain Coping Strategies, Somatic Awareness, and Negative Affectivity

Jocelyn D. Mccrae, Mark A. Lumley

01-02-1998 | Uitgave 1/1998

The Evaluation of Medical Symptoms by Patients and Doctors

Marilyn Y. Peay, Edmund R. Peay

01-02-1998 | Uitgave 1/1998

Assessment of Self-Reward Strategies for Maintenance of Breast Self-Examination

Laura J. Solomon, Brian S. Flynn, John K. Worden, Ruth M. Mickey, Joan M. Skelly, Berta M. Geller, Nancy W. Peluso, Jacqueline A. Webster

01-02-1998 | Uitgave 1/1998

The Effects of Evening Light Exposure on the Sleep of Elderly Women Expressing Sleep Complaints

Kristin M. Cooke, Mark A. Kreydatus, Andy Atherton, Evelyn B. Thoman

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