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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 9/2016

Uitgave 9/2016

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06-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Validation of the Movie for the Assessment of Social Cognition in Adolescents with ASD: Fixation Duration and Pupil Dilation as Predictors of Performance

Nico Müller, Sarah Baumeister, Isabel Dziobek, Tobias Banaschewski, Luise Poustka

06-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Video Modeling and Observational Learning to Teach Gaming Access to Students with ASD

Amy D. Spriggs, David L. Gast, Victoria F. Knight

08-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Executive Functions in Older Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Objective Performance and Subjective Complaints

Roeliena C. D. Davids, Yvonne Groen, Ina J. Berg, Oliver M. Tucha, Ingrid D. C. van Balkom

09-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Comparative Study of Teachers in Regular Schools and Teachers in Specialized Schools in France, Working with Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Stress, Social Support, Coping Strategies and Burnout

Emilie Boujut, Annika Dean, Amélie Grouselle, Emilie Cappe

11-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

A Fresh Pair of Eyes: A Blind Observation Method for Evaluating Social Skills of Children with ASD in a Naturalistic Peer Situation in School

Vera Dekker, Maaike H. Nauta, Erik J. Mulder, Sjoerd Sytema, Annelies de Bildt

22-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Exploratory Factor Analysis of SRS-2 Teacher Ratings for Youth with ASD

Andrew T. Nelson, Christopher Lopata, Martin A. Volker, Marcus L. Thomeer, Jennifer A. Toomey, Elissa Dua

15-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Judgments of Nonverbal Behaviour by Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder: Can they Detect Signs of Winning and Losing from Brief Video Clips?

Christian Ryan, Philip Furley, Kathleen Mulhall

16-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Embedded Figures Test Performance in the Broader Autism Phenotype: A Meta-analysis

Serena J. Cribb, Michelle Olaithe, Renata Di Lorenzo, Patrick D. Dunlop, Murray T. Maybery

16-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Intellectual Profiles in the Autism Spectrum and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Susana Mouga, Cátia Café, Joana Almeida, Carla Marques, Frederico Duque, Guiomar Oliveira

17-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Phonological and Visuospatial Working Memory in Autism Spectrum Disorders

P. Macizo, M. F. Soriano, N. Paredes

16-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

The Effectiveness of Direct Instruction in Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Answer “Wh-” Questions

Jessica N. Cadette, Cynthia L. Wilson, Michael P. Brady, Charles Dukes, Kyle D. Bennett

16-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Parents of Children with ASD Experience More Psychological Distress, Parenting Stress, and Attachment-Related Anxiety

Belinda M. Keenan, Louise K. Newman, Kylie M. Gray, Nicole J. Rinehart

18-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Physiological Response to Social Evaluative Threat in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

E. Kale Edmiston, Robin M. Jones, Blythe A. Corbett

18-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Using the PDD Behavior Inventory as a Level 2 Screener: A Classification and Regression Trees Analysis

Ira L. Cohen, Xudong Liu, Melissa Hudson, Jennifer Gillis, Rachel N. S. Cavalari, Raymond G. Romanczyk, Bernard Z. Karmel, Judith M. Gardner

22-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Visual Search in ASD: Instructed Versus Spontaneous Local and Global Processing

Ruth Van der Hallen, Kris Evers, Bart Boets, Jean Steyaert, Ilse Noens, Johan Wagemans

22-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

The Social Living Complex: A New, All Day, Yearlong Intervention Model for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Parents

Ceymi Doenyas

30-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Operationalisation of the European Protocol for Autism Prevalence (EPAP) for Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence Measurement in Ireland

A. M. Boilson, A. Staines, A. Ramirez, M. Posada, M. R. Sweeney

25-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Late Positive Potential ERP Responses to Social and Nonsocial Stimuli in Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Stephen D. Benning, Megan Kovac, Alana Campbell, Stephanie Miller, Eleanor K. Hanna, Cara R. Damiano, Antoinette Sabatino-DiCriscio, Lauren Turner-Brown, Noah J. Sasson, Rachel V. Aaron, Jessica Kinard, Gabriel S. Dichter

30-06-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Sensory Processing in Low-Functioning Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Distinct Sensory Profiles and Their Relationships with Behavioral Dysfunction

Corentin Gonthier, Lucie Longuépée, Martine Bouvard

01-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Sociomoral Reasoning, Empathy, and Meeting Developmental Tasks During the Transition to Adulthood in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Amie K. Senland, Ann Higgins-D’Alessandro

06-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Mothers of Children with Autism have Different Rates of Cancer According to the Presence of Intellectual Disability in Their Child

Jennifer C. Fairthorne, Nicholas H. de Klerk, Helen M. Leonard, Andrew J. O. Whitehouse

11-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Association of Autism Spectrum Disorder with Obsessive-Compulsive and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Traits and Response Inhibition in a Community Sample

Ellen van der Plas, Annie Dupuis, Paul Arnold, Jennifer Crosbie, Russell Schachar

13-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016 Open Access

A Meta-Analytic Review of the Efficacy of Physical Exercise Interventions on Cognition in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD

Beron W. Z. Tan, Julie A. Pooley, Craig P. Speelman

14-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Perceived Parenting Styles Fail to Mediate Between Anxiety and Attachment Styles in Adult Siblings of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Linda P. O’Neill, Lindsay E. Murray

11-07-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 9/2016

Aspects of Sexuality in Adolescents and Adults Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Childhood

Lucrecia Cabral Fernandes, Carina I. Gillberg, Mats Cederlund, Bibbi Hagberg, Christopher Gillberg, Eva Billstedt

07-06-2016 | Brief Report | Uitgave 9/2016

Brief Report: A Pilot Study of the Use of a Virtual Reality Headset in Autism Populations

Nigel Newbutt, Connie Sung, Hung-Jen Kuo, Michael J. Leahy, Chien-Chun Lin, Boyang Tong

18-06-2016 | Brief Report | Uitgave 9/2016

Brief Report: Investigating the Implications of Applying the New DSM-5 Criteria for Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Preschool Population in Singapore

Chui Mae Wong, Hwan Cui Koh

11-07-2016 | Brief Report | Uitgave 9/2016

Brief Report: Parent-Teacher Discrepancies on the Developmental Social Disorders Scale (BASC-2) in the Assessment of High-Functioning Children with ASD

Christopher Lopata, James P. Donnelly, Allyson K. Jordan, Marcus L. Thomeer, Christin A. McDonald, Jonathan D. Rodgers

20-06-2016 | Letter to the Editor | Uitgave 9/2016

Towards an Agenda for Research for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and/or Intersexed People with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis

Matthew Bennett, Emma Goodall

25-06-2016 | Book Review | Uitgave 9/2016 Open Access

Interoception: The Eighth Sensory System: Practical Solutions for Improving Self-Regulation, Self-Awareness and Social Understanding of Individuals with Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders

K. J. Mahler: Shawnee Mission KS, AAPC, 2015, 186 pp, $29.95 (paper), ISBN 978-1-942197-14-0
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