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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 9/2008

Inhoudsopgave (23 Artikelen)

Editorial Notes

Beware of Over-Interpreting Negative Trials

Lawrence Scahill, Michael G. Aman, James T. McCracken, Christopher J. McDougle, Benedetto Vitiello

Original Paper

Examining the Validity of Autism Spectrum Disorder Subtypes

Andrea N. Witwer, Luc Lecavalier

Open Access Original Paper

Social Behavior and Autism Traits in a Sex Chromosomal Disorder: Klinefelter (47XXY) Syndrome

Sophie van Rijn, Hanna Swaab, André Aleman, René S. Kahn

Original Paper

Quality of Life of Adults with Pervasive Developmental Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities

F. Gerber, M. A. Baud, M. Giroud, G. Galli Carminati

Original Paper

The Role of Face Familiarity in Eye Tracking of Faces by Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Lindsey Sterling, Geraldine Dawson, Sara Webb, Michael Murias, Jeffrey Munson, Heracles Panagiotides, Elizabeth Aylward

Original Paper

The Prevalence and Incidence of Mental Ill-Health in Adults with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

Craig A. Melville, Sally-Ann Cooper, Jill Morrison, Elita Smiley, Linda Allan, Alison Jackson, Janet Finlayson, Dipali Mantry

Original Paper

Social Anxiety in High-functioning Children and Adolescents with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Sanna Kuusikko, Rachel Pollock-Wurman, Katja Jussila, Alice S. Carter, Marja-Leena Mattila, Hanna Ebeling, David L. Pauls, Irma Moilanen

Original Paper

Predictors of Psychiatric Symptoms in Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Kenneth D. Gadow, Carla DeVincent, Jayne Schneider

Original Paper

When Prototypes Are Not Best: Judgments Made by Children with Autism

Catherine J. Molesworth, Dermot M. Bowler, James A. Hampton

Original Paper

The Childhood Autism Spectrum Test (CAST): Sex Differences

Joanna G. Williams, Carrie Allison, Fiona J. Scott, Patrick F. Bolton, Simon Baron-Cohen, Fiona E. Matthews, Carol Brayne

Original Paper

Characterization of Potential Outcome Measures for Future Clinical Trials in Fragile X Syndrome

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, Allison Sumis, Ok-Kyung Kim, Rebecca Lara, Joanne Wuu

Original Paper

The Effectiveness of Parent–Child Interaction Therapy for Families of Children on the Autism Spectrum

Marjorie Solomon, Michele Ono, Susan Timmer, Beth Goodlin-Jones

Brief Report

Brief Report: Feasibility of Social Cognition and Interaction Training for Adults with High Functioning Autism

Lauren M. Turner-Brown, Timothy D. Perry, Gabriel S. Dichter, James W. Bodfish, David L. Penn

Brief Report

Brief Report: Attention Effect on a Measure of Social Perception

Jodene Goldenring Fine, Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, Brianne Butcher, Jennifer Walkowiak