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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 6/2001

Uitgave 6/2001

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01-12-2001 | Editorial Introduction | Uitgave 6/2001

Editorial Preface

Gary B. Mesibov

01-12-2001 | Introduction | Uitgave 6/2001

Current Investigations in Autism Brain Tissue Research

Jane Pickett

01-12-2001 | Uitgave 6/2001

Dysregulation of Reelin and Bcl-2 Proteins in Autistic Cerebellum

S. Hossein Fatemi, Joel M. Stary, Amy R. Halt, George R. Realmuto

01-12-2001 | Uitgave 6/2001

Density and Distribution of Hippocampal Neurotransmitter Receptors in Autism: An Autoradiographic Study

Gene J. Blatt, Claudia M. Fitzgerald, Jeffrey T. Guptill, Anne B. Booker, Thomas L. Kemper, Margaret L. Bauman

01-12-2001 | Uitgave 6/2001

The Abnormal Regulation of Gene Expression in Autistic Brain Tissue

Amy E. Purcell, Ok-Hee Jeon, Jonathan Pevsner

01-12-2001 | Uitgave 6/2001

Functional Genomics Approaches to a Primate Model of Autistic Symptomology

Scott E. Hemby, Mar M. Sanchez, James T. Winslow

01-12-2001 | Uitgave 6/2001

Proteomic Approach for the Elucidation of Biological Defects in Autism

Mohammed A. Junaid, Raju K. Pullarkat

01-12-2001 | Uitgave 6/2001

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Post-Mortem Autistic Brain

Cynthia Mills Schumann, Michael H. Buonocore, David G. Amaral

01-12-2001 | Uitgave 6/2001

Causes of Death in Autism

Robert M. Shavelle, David J. Strauss, Jane Pickett

01-12-2001 | Uitgave 6/2001

The Behavior Problems Inventory: An Instrument for the Assessment of Self-Injury, Stereotyped Behavior, and Aggression/Destruction in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Johannes Rojahn, Johnny L. Matson, Denise Lott, Anna J. Esbensen, Yemonja Smalls

01-12-2001 | Uitgave 6/2001

Understanding of Others' Intentions in Children with Autism

Malinda Carpenter, Bruce F. Pennington, Sally J. Rogers

01-12-2001 | Uitgave 6/2001


01-12-2001 | Corrigendum | Uitgave 6/2001


01-12-2001 | Note | Uitgave 6/2001


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