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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 5/2007

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Original Paper

Patterns of Nonverbal Cognitive Functioning in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Emily S. Kuschner, Loisa Bennetto, Kelley Yost

Original Paper

A Comparison of Two Group-Delivered Social Skills Programs for Young Children with Autism

K. A. Kroeger, Janet R. Schultz, Crighton Newsom

Original Paper

Use of Autism-Related Services by Families and Children

Kathleen C. Thomas, Joseph P. Morrissey, Carolyn McLaurin

Original Paper

Two Boys with 47, XXY and Autism

S. L. Merhar, P. Manning-Courtney

Original Paper

High Rates of Psychiatric Co-Morbidity in PDD-NOS

Esther I. de Bruin, Robert F. Ferdinand, Sjifra Meester, Pieter F. A. de Nijs, Fop Verheij


Abnormalities on the Neurological Examination and EEG in Young Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Natacha Akshoomoff, Nikdokht Farid, Eric Courchesne, Richard Haas

Original Paper

Describing the Sensory Abnormalities of Children and Adults with Autism

Susan R. Leekam, Carmen Nieto, Sarah J. Libby, Lorna Wing, Judith Gould

Original Paper

[3H]-Flunitrazepam-labeled Benzodiazepine Binding Sites in the Hippocampal Formation in Autism: A Multiple Concentration Autoradiographic Study

Jeffrey T. Guptill, Anne B. Booker, Terrell T. Gibbs, Thomas L. Kemper, Margaret L. Bauman, Gene J. Blatt

Original Paper

Improving the Reliability of Autism Diagnoses: Examining the Utility of Adaptive Behavior

Stacey S. Tomanik, Deborah A. Pearson, Katherine A. Loveland, David M. Lane, J. Bryant Shaw

Original Paper

Abnormal Use of Facial Information in High-Functioning Autism

Michael L. Spezio, Ralph Adolphs, Robert S. E. Hurley, Joseph Piven

Original Paper

Quantitative Assessment of Neuromotor Function in Adolescents with High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Christine M. Freitag, Christina Kleser, Marc Schneider, Alexander von Gontard


Social Communication Profiles of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Late in the Second Year of Life

Amy M. Wetherby, Nola Watt, Lindee Morgan, Stacy Shumway


Brief Report: Effect of Maternal Age on Severity of Autism

Alisa C. Baxter, Linda J. Lotspeich, Donna Spiker, Jacquelin L. Martin, Judith K. Grether, Joachim F. Hallmayer



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