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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 5/2005

Uitgave 5/2005

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01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Editorial Preface

Christopher J. McDougle M.D., Associate Editor

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Modifying the Affective Behavior of Preschoolers with Autism Using In-Vivo or Video Modeling and Reinforcement Contingencies

Angeliki Gena, Sophia Couloura, Effie Kymissis

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Language, Social, and Executive Functions in High Functioning Autism: A Continuum of Performance

Rebecca J. Landa, Melissa C. Goldberg

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder Show Normal Responses to a Fear Potential Startle Paradigm

Raphael Bernier, Geraldine Dawson, Heracles Panagiotides, Sara Webb

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Empathic Accuracy in Adults with a Pervasive Developmental Disorder During an Unstructured Conversation with a Typically Developing Stranger

Koen Ponnet, Ann Buysse, Herbert Roeyers, Kim De Corte

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

The Effect of Concurrent Task Load on Stimulus Over-Selectivity

Phil Reed, Evelyn Gibson

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Post-Institutional Autistic Syndrome in Romanian Adoptees

René Hoksbergen, Jan ter Laak, Kathinka Rijk, Cor van Dijkum, Felicia Stoutjesdijk

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Multi-site Study of the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) in Five Clinical Groups of Young Children

Adrienne Perry, Rosemary A. Condillac, Nancy L. Freeman, Jennifer Dunn-Geier, Joanne Belair

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Systems Analysis of Stress and Positive Perceptions in Mothers and Fathers of Pre-School Children with Autism

Richard P. Hastings, Hanna Kovshoff, Nicholas J. Ward, Francesca degli Espinosa, Tony Brown, Bob Remington

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Video Analysis of Sensory-Motor Features in Infants with Fragile X Syndrome at 9–12 Months of Age

Grace T. Baranek, Cassandra D. Danko, Martie L. Skinner, Donald B. Jr., Deborah D. Hatton, Jane E. Roberts, Penny L. Mirrett

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Brief Report: Early Social Communication Behaviors in the Younger Siblings of Children with Autism

Wendy A. Goldberg, Kelly L. Jarvis, Kathryn Osann, Tracy M. Laulhere, Carol Straub, Erin Thomas, Pauline Filipek, M. Anne Spence

01-10-2005 | Brief Report | Uitgave 5/2005

Brief Report: Autism in Individuals with Down Syndrome

Elizabeth M. Starr, Sibel Kazak Berument, Megan Tomlins, Katerina Papanikolaou, Michael Rutter

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Brief Report: Non-Random X Chromosome Inactivation in Females with Autism

Z. Talebizadeh, D. C. Bittel, O. J. Veatch, N. Kibiryeva, M. G. Butler

01-10-2005 | Letter to the Editor | Uitgave 5/2005

Early Memory and Autism

Viktoria Lyons, Michael Fitzgerald

01-10-2005 | Letter to the Editor | Uitgave 5/2005

Need for Internet Based Scoring System for Autism Treatment Evaluation

Srinivasa Jayachandra

01-10-2005 | Uitgave 5/2005

Ask the Editor

Christopher J. McDougle

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