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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 5/1999

Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)

Autism and Hearing Loss

Ulf Rosenhall, Viviann Nordin, Mikael Sandström, Gunilla Ahlsén, Christopher Gillberg

Recall Readiness in Children with Autism

Annette Farrant, Mark Blades, Jill Boucher

Children with Autism Experience Problems with Both Objects and People

Emma Williams, Alan Costall, Vasudevi Reddy

Season of Birth in Autism: A Fiction Revisited

Edwina C. Landau, Domenic V. Cicchetti, Ami Klin, Fred R. Volkmar

Recognition of Faux Pas by Normally Developing Children and Children with Asperger Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism

Simon Baron-Cohen, Michelle O'Riordan, Valerie Stone, Rosie Jones, Kate Plaisted

Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Kenneth Pomeranz, Bryna Siegel, Nicole Simon